Relationship - Intimacy Has Left The Building - Ways to Save a Marriage

Have you ever woke up in the morning and thought, "Where the heck did my sex life go?" Trust me, you are not the only one. It is happening more often these days, because we tend to focus on more materialistic things other than love. Even though love is something we all search for. So how do you regain the intimacy and romance in a marriage? Well, first off you need to find out why it stopped.

Do you guys communicate? Do you both listen to each other, and try to understand where each other are coming from. It doesn't matter if they are talking about their day at work, or about the marriage, you need to be actively listening.

Is there enough sex appeal? Are you guys healthy? No one should expect you to look like a super model or and a ripped body builder, but it is nice when both members of the marriage look healthy. If either you or your spouse are obese, it is time to start to take care of yourself, soon it won't be just your physique that will be going downhill. And if it is your spouse who needs to change their lifestyle, please learn the correct way to approach the situation. Just saying "Your fat and lazy, lose some weight." will not help much at all, in fact it most likely will do the opposite.

Are you making time for sex and romantic dates? When kids are involved it does become more difficult to get time for each other, but it is not impossible. Start planning days ahead, and make sure you both set aside a night for each other. It can make a world of difference. And don't let work run your life. You can always find another job, but finding another spouse that is good for you is a much harder search.

If you do have sex, what is it like? I hope you don't have the same ole boring sex all the time. Sex shouldn't be boring, even if you do the exact same position, day, and place, it shouldn't be boring. There needs to be passion, a lot of marriages are missing the passion in their intimate lives. Get some books from relationship experts that can help you change things up, or neat ways to bring the passion back into the bedroom. Without passion, your marriage intimacy will have a hard time surviving.

Visit for full reviews of different books and programs to help you save your marriage. Even if you are the only one currently that wants to save your marriage, you can do it. Learn the right ways to save a marriage.

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