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The marriage bed was designed to provide fulfillment that enhances and edifies the marital relationship. Many social ills have created barriers that seriously impede the progress and the joy that can be experienced in conjugal love. Though the media may focus on the immoral behaviors of powerful people we must not keep at the forefront of our minds the bad examples in society. Focusing on inappropriate behavior can only cause our own thinking to drift in the wrong direction. When couples fail to experience the bonding and the building that a vibrant life of intimacy can provide it must be addressed. The lack of intimacy should prompt husbands and wives to seriously investigate and find the root causes behind the deficiency. Once the cause is found change can occur and a life of intimacy can restored.

For some rampant sexual immorality in our society has left a bitter taste in their senses causing disinterest from an active life of intimacy. If the immorality has taken place within the marriage these issues must be dealt with both boldly and gently with the goal to eliminate the sinful conduct. Change can begin once a sincere desire to be transformed is established. There is no doubt that the sexual revolution, pornography, promiscuity, molestation, adultery, and other licentious expressions of sexuality are evil and yield a negative influence on all generations. However the deviant behavior of others should not influence marriages in the negative way that it has. In fact I believe that married individuals should take back what the world has made dirty and bring it back to the place that God has given us to fully express and discover each other in the context of conjugal love.

1Th 4:3-5

(3) For this is the will of God, your sanctification, for you to abstain from fornication,

(4) each one of you to know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honor

Eliminating bad behavior is the beginning of living a life that is set apart to accomplish things both individually and as a couple. Part of changing behavior is establishing a roadmap or goals that can measure recovery and healing.

When not dealt with these social ills can have a serious and negative effect on relationships. Though we must stay away and distance our selves from the sinful acts of man and the wrong applications of sexuality, we must not keep sexuality out of the privacy of the marriage bed. The spouse that is interested in the development of intimate issues must set out to get educated in those areas with the goal of sharing new found information that can benefit the marriage. I think it is safe to say that the husband has more to learn in this area simply because the wife is a more delicate individual and requires understanding with regard to hormonal and emotional issues. A husband must simply take the time to educate himself on the make up of his wife and what motivates and pleases her. The good news is that reputable non pornographic materials exist that can assist every husband and every wife to learn and grow in their understanding of each other. We must understand however that since the topic can be explicit the materials, without filth or impurities, can also be explicit. Information is honorable when it is shared within the context of marriage.

Marriage was designed to be Gods plan to keep people out of sexually deviant and immoral behavior. Understanding what is keeping us from having an intimate marriage allows us to pinpoint the necessary changes. Then we can begin to seek proper methods of expression within the marriage bed. As we learn and as we grow we can begin to understand that God has joined each of us together with the person that we need to lean toward and serve. There are imperfections in every marriage but if God is at the center of that relationship He gives us the power to deal with our blemishes and move forward in becoming the spouse that He wants us to be.

Richard Quinonez - Founder - Marriage of

At we believe that every marriage could be a marriage of honor. The success of our marital relationship is dependent upon how well we understand the differences that we face in marriage. How God has made and wired us determines what motivates and encourages each of us to reach toward our spouse to grow closer. We believe that the through biblical instruction we find the best instrument that bridges those differences and empowers us to be the person that God wants us to be. In scripture we have the light that can shine in a dark place of understanding and enable each of us to follow the example that Christ has set before us. God has a plan for marriage that includes a strong faith, improving communication, inspiring intimacy and good financial stewardship. We believe that our marriage is a reflection of our walk with Christ thus we're reminded that in both areas there is work to be done. Richard A Quinonez Founder -

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