Relationship - Is Being In Love Enough Reason To Get Married?

Many people find themselves to be in a different kind of high when they're in love. They tend to be so inspired and happy and grinning all the time as if they're walking on cloud 9 and nothing else matters in their life.

People who feel they're very much in love can do many things they've never done before. Sometimes, it even surprises them but that's what love can do. So the next step for some people is to decide to live together or get married after a few weeks or months of being together.

But should you really opt for this if you say you're in love? Isn't it too early to tell that this is already the right person you're meant to be with for the rest of your life? Is being in love sufficient enough to let you decide on living together or tying the knot after just a short period of getting to know each other?

According to the experts, the feeling of simply being in love is not a mature kind of love. It's the type that may not last for a long time. It's not even about compatibility but rather all about lust and sometimes ensuring that you get the most beautiful person to have beautiful babies.

Come to think of it, when people say they're in love, they often make impulsive decisions such as getting into a committed relationship or even get married after a few weeks of meeting each other. It's what the experts say as being lustful particularly on the part of men. During this time, the hormones are at their peak but be careful because, again, this is only temporary and may last for just a few months.

Another thing that people should realize is that being in love is not getting into a fairy tale. It's still best to be realistic when it comes to love and not be swept away by those sweet words and acts as well as by that pretty face that have captivated your heart. And don't even believe that when you're in love, it follows that you've already found the right person who can be your partner for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind that being in love is different from loving someone with your heart. Too often, when a person is in love, he or she feels like being in cloud 9 and in a situation wherein the mind has more power over the heart.

On the other hand, genuine love does not rush things but rather is patient and sincere. This also does not measure a person's worth merely by his or her looks but rather by one's character or personality.

So if you say you're very much in love with the person you're dating or you're in a relationship with at the moment and are already planning about getting married, think it over many times because this might not yet be the real love. Take the time to know the person on a deeper level and take it slow but sure.

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