Relationship - 5 Ways to Make Love Last Forever

Do you think it is possible for two individuals to live happily ever after? Yes and I've got 5 ways to make love last forever. If both the wife and the husband will put these ways into good use, a "happily ever after" movie scenario will definitely be possible. What are these keys to a lasting marriage?

Cultivate mutual love. Love never fails. If you want to achieve success in your marriage, why not cultivate mutual love in your relationship? Loving married couples must remember to cultivate intense love and affection for each other since doing this enables partners to accept their own imperfections.

Show respect. The second key to a lasting love is respect. If two married people really love each other, respect for each other must follow. When you say respect, husbands and wives must show consideration to their partners by keeping an eye not only of his/her personal interest but also that of his/her mate. If a reasonable request on sexual intimacy is asked, why not grant such request? Though it is impossible for both partners to always have identical views on everything, learning how to give way and adjust at different circumstances help make a marriage last forever.

Learn to acknowledge little things. In most cases learning to appreciate even the smallest thing your partner had done for you adds spice to a long-going marriage. If you take time to acknowledge your wife's new hair-do, her outfit, her nails, or even a simple dinner she cooked all by herself it will make her feel her own worth. These things also apply to wives appreciating their husbands' smallest efforts.

Constant communication. If you want to improve your marriage, a married couple will reserve time to communicate and listen to his/her partner, no matter how busy their schedules are. True, husbands work long hours in the office and in some circumstances wives also hold a job. If partners will only spend very little time conversing with their mates or if both of them really don't talk, lack of communication and active listening could lead to serious marital problems.

Give him/her space. Though marriage involves you and your partner, both of you should not restrict yourselves from growing as individuals. Both of you also need to spend a few time with your friends and colleagues in order to develop your own personalities.

Indeed every marriage will have its own ups and downs but considering these 5 ways to make love last forever may help both partners feel confident that their marriage will be happy and lasting. True, aside from these 5 keys to lasting marriage, the number one secret to improving your marriage immediately in order for it to last is to be positive that your marriage will last forever.

Brandon Santan is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Tennessee and Georgia specializing in Marriage and Sex Therapy. Find out more about healthy intimacy, including 8 Essentials for Healthy Intimacy and 7 Aspects of Healthy Intimacy in his Free downloadable eBook: Dynamics of Healthy Intimacy at

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