Crazy Things Women Do for Men

Getting a Brazilian Wax
What part of let’s-use-hot-wax-to-tear-out-every-little-hair-from-the-hoo-ha sounds like a good idea? Enduring a Brazilian wax is nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment...and yet, plenty of chicks voluntarily put themselves through this torture because they know how much men love the completely bare look.

Killing Ourselves in Spin Class
Exercise and endorphins rock, but honestly, if the world was made up of only women, would the 60-minute, 500-calorie sweat-and-pain fest exist? Don’t think so.


Running the Water When We Pee
Well now, this is just embarrassing. But we turn on the faucet because God forbid our guys hear our streams hit the toilet water. It makes absolutely no sense to pretend we don’t do all the regular (and gross) things that men do in the bathroom, but we try to cover our tracks anyway.

Wearing 5-Inch Heels
We’ll admit that we love how sexy we look in sky-high heels. But once we’ve worn them for a couple of hours, those stilettos betray us big-time. Yeah, we could change into the genius fold-up ballet flats that we stashed in our clutch, but then he might find out our legs don’t go on forever.

Wearing the Jersey of a Sports Team We Don’t Care About
If we’re going to sport a loose-fitting, unflattering shirt in public, we’d rather go with the super-soft T-shirt we’ve had since ninth grade...not a 100% polyester jersey with some random dude’s name on the back. Even worse is when we actually have a favorite team and instead don the colors of our man’s obsession because he asked us to. Uh, there’s a Bears fan in the Cosmo office who has a free Colts jersey if anyone wants it...

Staying Overnight at His the Middle of Nowhere...on a Weekday
The only thing that sucks more than getting ready for work is having to prepare an overnight bag with just the essentials. No favorite hair dryer, no choice of outfits depending to the weather, no shoe vs. boot options. Boo.

Buying Presents for His Relatives
Our man may not remember his mom’s birthday, but of course, we do...which in turn makes us feel responsible for ensuring she receives a present. Like, have you ever heard a guy complain that he has soo much Christmas shopping to do? No. Women take charge of present shopping because we simply can’t trust that our guys will get it done. And that’s just crazy.

Faking It
It’s wrong, wrong, wrong, but whether we needed more foreplay or weren’t really in the mood in the first place, women all too often fake their orgasms. Often, we’d just rather fake it than risk hurting our guy’s feelings or causing awkwardness. Yeah, we know we should be getting off...but when we can’t, we sometimes indulge our inner drama queens and put on faux performances.


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