3 Ways to outsource your love life

If you're a working woman or a busy single mamma, you may not have time to do your laundry every week, much less look for love, however, in the past few years, numerous services have popped up that allow you to subcontract your dating life. Below are a few to consider.

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1. Online Dating Profile Helpers

Think of online dating as a way to spear a fish in a barrel as opposed to spearing one in the ocean. Instead of wasting time and money at bars, chatting up men who may not even be available, everyone online is (presumably) single and looking to mingle.

To maximize your success, it's best to join as many online dating sites as possible; however, this can take a lot of time, filling out questions and writing a profile for each one. Luckily, many services now exist to help you create the perfect profile. By hiring a professional writer to create your online dating profile for you, you can save a vast amount of time and ensure that your profile represents you and makes the best impression possible. Check out E-Cyrano.com and LookBetterOnline.com

Likewise, finding a professional photographer or a photography-savvy friend to take your photo can save you hours in front of your web cam, trying to compose the perfect pic that simultaneously says "approachable and friendly" and "sexy and seductive." 

2. Matchmakers

Before there were dating websites, there were matchmakers and in contrast to online dating, there is definitely something to be said for enlisting the help of a real live person who can screen potential dates ahead of time and weird out any weirdos for you. Many matchmakers also do comprehensive background checks before taking on any new clients, so, even before you meet someone, you can be sure that they won't have a criminal background and/or already be married.

Like dating websites, there are matchmakers for all interests and tastes. Cause and Effect Dating in New York sends potential lovebirds on dates, volunteering at local charities whereas the Millionaire's Club in Los Angeles appeals to only a very elite clientele.

3. Virtual Dating Assistants

Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four Hour Work Week, landed a long time girlfriend by outsourcing his love life on Elance.com. He posted a project notice on the freelancer site and hired teams of workers from various countries for as little as $4/hour. Giving each team access to one dating profile, he sent them a spreadsheet detailing the kind of woman he was looking for and asked them to set up coffee dates on his behalf. He offered each team performance bonuses and ended up going on 20 coffee dates in 2 days.


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