50 qualities that women look for in a friend

Everyone values different characteristics and traits in friends. However, there are generally some basic qualities that make a person a good friend. Here's our list of the top 50 qualities that women look for in a friend.
Friend on bench
  1. She listens but doesn't judge.
  2. She has similar interests and values.
  3. She gives good advice.
  4. She laughs and cries with you.
  5. She shares a pint of ice cream with you after a break up.
  6. She lets you borrow her new $500 shoes.
  7. She will bail you out of jail.
  8. She would help you with an addiction.
  9. She plans your bachelorette party.
  10. She can criticize without being critical.
  11. She is available but isn't needy. Friends shopping
  12. She tells you when you have spinach in your teeth.
  13. She will go to the gym with you at 6 am.
  14. She listens to you nag about your boyfriend.
  15. She understand your obsessions and your fears.
  16. She treats everyone with respect.
  17. She can disagree with you without damaging the friendship.
  18. She will be your maid-of-honor.
  19. She has a great sense of humor.
  20. She appreciates a Sex and the City marathon.
  21. She sticks around through thick and thin.
  22. She would help you ditch a bad date.
  23. She knows shopping is a sport.
  24. She lends you money if you really need it.
  25. She will be your child's godmother.
  26. She tells you if you look fat in that dress.
  27. She lets you sleep on her couch.
  28. She helps you through a crisis.
  29. She is trustworthy with money and with secrets.
  30. She is selfless rather than selfish.
  31. She knows how to compromise.
  32. She helps you out of an abusive situation.
  33. She holds back your hair as you vomit in the nightclub bathroom.
  34. She knows life is more about presence than presents. Friends enjoy a drink
  35. She is both ambitious and gracious.
  36. She likes to learn new things.
  37. She will go to Vegas for the weekend at the last minute.
  38. She can laugh at herself.
  39. She doesn't hate men.
  40. She sticks to her convictions.
  41. She lives life with passion.
  42. She joins you for happy hour.
  43. She doesn't sweat the small stuff.
  44. She wants a man in her life but doesn't need one.
  45. She babysits your kids on a Saturday night.
  46. She helps you cook Thanksgiving dinner.
  47. She isn't embarrassed to talk about sex.
  48. She enjoys a day at the spa.
  49. She grieves your losses and celebrates your triumphs.
  50. She loves you for you.


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