The Player: Score An Inhibited Woman

In reality, there isn’t much of a challenge in scoring forward, aggressive women who are willing to sleep with a broomstick if they ingest enough alcohol. The shy, inhibited women will truly test your hookup skills, especially because you’ll have to tap into a variety of observational and behavioral abilities that aren’t normally utilized in the pickup. The inhibited woman isn’t forthcoming; she isn’t receptive to overly aggressive approaches, and she often balks at discussing the spicier topics in the realm of dating and sex. She’s easily intimidated -- by both men and women -- and the walls she has erected have many guards who are heavily armed. Patience and timing are crucial when it comes to such women, and you need a careful hand. If you wish to score an inhibited woman, you will just have to accept two things: This mission will take more time and effort, and you must continually scan for signs of fear or distrust; either will immediately cripple the attempt. And above all else, remain calm and steady throughout.

Create a comfort zone

First and foremost, you must make the inhibited woman feel comfortable. Chances are, your very approach has put her on her guard and she’s immediately on the edge of escape, which is why you must act quickly. This can be extraordinarily tricky, though, because any fast movements may only cause her to recede into the night, leaving you grasping at nothing but a shadow. Your best bet to score an inhibited woman is to adopt an easy smile, stay light on the compliments and simply talk to her about a casual yet engaging topic. Don’t crowd her, either; make eye contact -- as you always should -- but don’t make the mistake of initiating physical contact. Even a hand on her arm could make her anxious, so just remain calm and easygoing, and attempt to get her talking. Once she has relaxed, the drawbridge will lower and you have permission to cross. Just be wary of the snipers. They’re still up there, so always move carefully.

Make her laugh

Laughter crosses so many boundaries and breaks down so many walls; it’s impossible to overstate its importance. Everyone likes to laugh, and if she’s laughing, she’s immediately more receptive to any advances you might try to make. You’ll still need to remain calm and reserved, but even the smallest giggle will open doors that were locked only minutes before. You don’t necessarily want to kick off the discussion with a joke (she may be expecting it and you won’t receive more than a wan smile), and it’s always better to learn a bit about her first, anyway. Once you’ve got her talking -- see tip No. 1 -- you will gain access to more of her personality. Get an idea as to what she may find amusing and tickle her funny bone; if you perform admirably, she may let you tickle something else at some point in the near future.

Let her take control

Although the inhibited woman probably isn’t likely to strike up a conversation, your goal should be to get her talking and then sit back and let her take the reigns. Too many times, a talkative man has frightened off a perfectly lovely filly, and he’s left sitting there with a hopeless expression on his face. “If she won’t let anyone talk to her, she’ll always be alone,” you’ll say bitterly to yourself. Well, why didn’t you let her set the pace of the conversation then? Once she has accepted you as an unthreatening companion, she’s perfectly capable of taking the lead, and it will further prove your sensitivity. A shy woman in a man’s dominion often feels overpowered and intimidated, but she doesn’t want to feel that way, and you’ll show that she doesn’t need to.

Lure out the animal within

During the first few minutes of conversation with the inhibited woman, you may detect a certain note of lustful yearning, only it’s hiding behind a carefully constructed veil of caution. If you think she’s merely waiting for a guy who’s brave enough to lure it out of hiding, you can attempt to drag that animalistic lust into the limelight for the very first time. Even the shyest of the shy will often admit that she has just as much, if not more, over-the-top passion inside her than the hottest woman alive. And if you have the skill, you may find that this particular sexual encounter is more rewarding and satisfying than you could have ever imagined. Just proceed carefully and make no sudden movements.



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