Incorporating stress-relieving skills into your life

Learning to use your senses to quickly manage stress is a little like learning to drive or to play golf. You don’t master the skill in one lesson—you have to practice until it becomes second nature. Once you have a variety of sensory tools you can depend on and use, you’ll be able to handle even the toughest of situations.

Irene’s new boss continues to create stress at the office, but now when she comes home, Irene goes immediately into her peaceful, beautiful garden and literally “smells the roses.” By the time her husband gets home, she feels much more balanced and able to enjoy his conversation and company.


Joe has learned that when he gets angry, he needs to calm down before he does something he might regret. His solution is to take a pleasant memory break. An avid golfer, Joe takes a moment to recall the great shots he has made on the course. Within a few minutes, his tension dissipates.

Terri has found that she can become much calmer and focused at work if she spends a few minutes looking at the family photos on her desk and recalling great family vacations. She has become much more productive and her boss just gave her a raise.

Stephanie has learned that she can avoid tension by starting her day listening to music, rather than the news, on the way to work. She has also started keeping fresh flowers and a scented candle on her desk, which helps her preserve her good mood. Her colleagues now enjoy hanging around her cubicle.


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