10 Tips to help you get through the day

Looking for a fresh way to reenergize your life, reduce stress and ensure a successful and productive day -- every day? Here, we offer 10 tips to help you get through the day in the most efficient, fun and stress-free way.

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Make a to-do list

Start your day with a list of things that you need to get done for that day. Do not try to pack too much stuff into that one day or at the end of the day -- you'll end up feeling like you didn't accomplish much. Set realistic goals for each week, and break it down day by day. Organize your list in order of importance and take pride in each step you can cross off.


Eat breakfast

The power of a good, healthful breakfast is just what tired moms need. It doesn't have to be a complicated affair: Think easy, quick items such as eggs with toast, oatmeal, and fruit and yogurt. If you are a breakfast-on-the-run gal, grab a banana, whole-wheat bagel or a breakfast sandwich that you can nuke and take with you.

Make time for a quick workout

Just 30 minutes a day can reduce stress and boost your physical and mental states. Think about how great you feel after that step class that you'd been dreading. Even if you don't have time to get to the gym, take a brisk walk around the block or jump rope with your kids after school (a super-great workout and fun time with your kids -- a two-for-one).

Take a lunch break

Listen here, Supermom, we know you can do it all and work right through lunch... but you'll pay for it when the four o'clock slump hits. You will be more productive if you reenergize with a short break for a healthful refuel at lunchtime. Save time away from your desk by packing a nutritious lunch of veggie sticks and hummus or apple slices and peanut butter. Be sure to include some protein for long-lasting stamina. But try not to work as you eat; you need -- and deserve -- to take a break.

Talk it out

Whether youre  a problem with a big project at work or making sure your husband knows it's his turn to handle the kiddie carpool, be sure you communicate effectively. Say what you need to say in an eloquent and honest manner. Even if you have a tough topic to broach, talking about it before it mushrooms into a larger issue will save everyone a lot of trouble.

Count to 10

When everything is coming to a head, try not to blow your top. Just step away and take a few deep breaths to defuse the situation, whether it's a boss's demeaning comment or your kid's fifth public temper tantrum of the day. When you've calmed down, assess how to best handle the situation and move forward sans a screaming fit of your own.

Check in with your honey

All moms are working mothers, and regardless of whether your work takes you outside the home or not, it's easy to get lost in your day and lose touch with your man. Little things like sending a sweet text ("Hope you are having a great day!") or picking up his favorite ice cream when you are at the market will help you stay connected.

Clock some QT with your kids

After the rush-rush of the busy day, take some time to really focus on your family. Ask your kids to tell you about their favorite and least favorite parts of their days, play a board game together or read a book. Simply being together (no TV allowed!) will give you a chance to reenergize your bond with your loved ones on a daily basis.

Plan family meals

When it comes time to get dinner on the table, it helps to plan ahead. Healthy casseroles and crockpot meals can be a tired mom's best friend. Come Sunday, plan out your mealtimes for the week and do as much prep as possible before the week gets going.

Take a "me" moment

Ahhh, you made it through another crazy-busy, stress-filled day. Run a hot bath, read a magazine or simply do a little personal meditation -- anything to take a break. Then get ready to start all over again tomorrow!


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