How to flirt with your husband

You’re constantly hearing that you have to “spice things up” and keep your relationship exciting when you’re married. But how exactly do you do that? Answer: you flirt! Here's how to flirt with your husband like he wasn't your husband at all.

Although flirting with your husband is different than flirting with a stranger across the bar, the desired effect is the same: to get him to notice and want you. For those whose flirting skills have become a little rusty, below are 6 tips that will have him drooling over you in no time.



It sounds really simple, but smiling at your husband (or laughing if he is funny) is the most basic act of flirting. Showing that you enjoy being in his presence can really make a man feel good.

Give Him Your Undivided Attention

The amount of time you spend around your husband and the amount you actually spend with him are two different things. Often, it’s easy to get caught up multi-tasking and only half pay attention to what he’s doing or talking about. However, even if its only for 5 minutes, try giving him your undivided attention and listen to his high school football stories or whatever it is that he likes to talk about that makes him feel special.


Whispering is the direct opposite of yelling, so it’s no wonder that many men find it a turn-on.

Catch Him Off Guard

There may not be a lot of surprises left to discover about your husband once you’ve been married for a while, but you still can surprise him with a little sexiness when he’s not expecting it. Of course, showing up at his workplace wearing nothing but lingerie and a trench coat is always a classic move, but it’s also risky if he works in a corporate environment. A safer bet is to send him a racy email or text message.

Touch Him

Sexual caresses are essential, but don’t forget about all of the other kinds of touching: playful squeezes, affectionate embraces, and long-lasting hugs on a regular basis will keep your marriage hot.

Role Play

If you already have a regular date night with your husband (and you should!), why not mix things up a bit? Instead of sitting down to dinner at a restaurant like you’ve done countless times before; why not pretend that it’s your first date? Or meet at a bar and pretend you don’t know each other? Sometimes a little fantasy is all that’s needed to get both of your pulses racing.


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