Dating And Love

Love - Find Me A Man - If You're Interested In Learning How To Attract Men, Please Read On

I remember a female friend of mine called Mandy, who seemed able to captivate men with nothing more than a smile and a flash of her eyes. She was also tall, slim, an accomplished vocalist and a thoroughly nice lady. But it was the effect that she had [ … ]

Love - Keep Your Love Alive and Show You Care

As time passes we become more comfortable with our partner. Our relationship becomes more secure and it is natural that we perhaps forget to make as much of an effort as we once did. Some couples can gradually become more like friends and housemates [ … ]

Love - Why Finding The Secret Of Love Is Closer Than You Think

"I feel like a failure."

It was my sister on the phone. She was referring to the collapse of her second marriage. As I heard her say the words with a crack in her voice, I just wanted to reach out and hug her. The first divorce followed seven years [ … ]

Love - How to Make a Woman Love You - Is It Enough Just To Be a Good Guy?

If you have ever gotten love advice before, chances are it all boiled down to one simple concept. Be a nice guy and eventually you will be able to make a woman fall in love with you. As a man, we are taught this from the time we first discover dating, [ … ]

Love - Find Me A Man! Who? Me?

When a close female friend of mine asked, "find me a man," I was initially taken aback, but then she explained that she was sick and tired of attracting the wrong sort of men, but having little or no luck with the men that she was really attracted [ … ]

Love - Get Your Ex Back After A Break Up

Don't let anyone tell you that true love can't survive a break up. After some couples split, they come back stronger than ever. Is it down to luck? I don't think so.

Supposing you have been with your boyfriend for some time and you really think that [ … ]

Love - Love Addiction Symptoms and How Can You Identify Them

Falling in love is an experience that every person has to go through at one point in their lives. And if they are not prepared, sometimes it can be very overwhelming. The euphoric feelings that come when someone thinks of their loved ones are comparable [ … ]

Love - The Power of Prayer, Love and Understanding

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
~Philippians [ … ]

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