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Love - What Is a Sagittarius Love Horoscope - How to Find Love

If you are a Sagittarius, what is your love horoscope like for the rest of the year? Will you find love in the near future? What is a Sagittarius like and what kind of traits do they have?

For those with a birthday between November 23rd and [ … ]

Love - All Relationships End Miserably So Focus On The Present

All relationships end miserably.

Got your attention, didn't I?

My grandparents were happily married over 72 years when she died at 91. He lived three more years and woke up every day missing her and crying over her loss. He was completely lucid [ … ]

Love - Does The No Contact Rule Really Work? Find Out Here!

The no contact rule is easy to follow. Avoid contacting your ex after the breakup-- that's essentially what the No Contact rule means. This includes all kinds of communication, such as calling, emailing, and messaging. For a few weeks to a month, [ … ]

Love - Keeping Your Man In Love With You - Things You Shouldn't Ignore To Keep Him Interested In You

It was hard enough getting him to commit but keeping your man in love with you throughout can often be challenging. After you meet the person you think "is the one", you don't want to let go of him. It's like you searched all the garbage and [ … ]

Love - What Is Love?

Many people are in error by looking for love from people of opposite sex, instead of looking for love, we must look for a relationship with them to amuse ourselves and see it as a source of fun like any kind of entertainment that feeds our will [ … ]

Love - The Three Most Critical Languages Of Love

We've all heard that communication happens via one or more of three ways:

Visual - this refers to what we see and how we present ourselves

Auditory - this refers to what we hear and say

Kinaesthetic - this refers to what we feel and/or do

The [ … ]

Love - Relationship Tips - Spiritual Experience in Human Clothing

After seven weeks of being apart, my husband, Vj, and I are reunited. Vj was away on business matters and I kept going with life in Seattle.

One of the most profound lessons from this time apart is this:

My relationship with my husband is wonderful, [ … ]

Love - How to Restore Love in a Relationship?

What are the steps needed to restore love in a relationship and marriage? How to restore love in your relationship?

Thousands of couples look for different ways daily to restore love in their relationship after it hits bottom low. Some feel [ … ]

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