Dating And Love

Love - Enhancing Relationships

So often, in life, it is easier to find the "faults" - or rather our projection of faults - in someone than it is to find the positive. Especially, if we are angry, upset, or arguing with this person - we have this desire to be... RIGHT.

Yet, to [ … ]

Love - How to Find a Christian Mate

I am not presenting this as a recipe for how to find a Christian mate. That would be way beyond the scope of this article. But I do want to offer some words of encouragement in this area. Why? Because I often hear Christian women express their lifelong [ … ]

Love - How Love Miracles Happen on First Meeting a New Internet Date


This is it, you reflect as you drive toward a local coffee shop. You think back on the original connection after reading that delightful profile when you wrote a very funny email and the reply came back that made you laugh and [ … ]

Love - Allowing A Love Relationship In

Are you one of those people who wants love but is afraid to give it? If your love relationships haven't been all you want them to be it's time to take notice of what you do to keep people away.

Explore what your motives are and why you cause yourself [ … ]

Love - How To Tell He Is The One (And The Weird Sign He's Really Mr Really Wrong!)

Who else believes that there is truly a "Mr. Right" out there for all of us? Do you believe that we each have a soulmate...or a spiritual partner, or an ideal mate that the Universe wants us to meet? To some people, that idea is SILLY, right? And [ … ]

Love - Endocrinology of Love: Why Do We Fall in Love?

Love is nature's design of keeping the human species alive and reproducing. Research have proven that hormones govern the transformation of couples from being lovestruck to being in love forever.

A woman's smile may just be a simple smile. But [ … ]

Love - Lost Feelings - What Now?

Have you ever found yourself lost in a relationship of confusion, as if you were speaking a completely foreign language to your partner, vice-verse?

Have you ever found, that you could not seem to find the right way back?

Back to when you understood [ … ]

Love - What Is Your Love Story?

Everyone has a 'love story', right?

What I mean by that is that everyone has a set of beliefs about themselves and their relationship to everything else (love, money, luck, life, etc). Some stories look like this:

I cannot earn a lot of money [ … ]

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