5 Ways to Increase the Excitement

If you're worried that your relationship is becoming stale and predictable, it's time to try something new! Here are some spicy suggestions to help you break out of a relationship rut. Start slowly with one, or go all the way and try them all! Most important is that you and your partner feel comfortable with — and excited by — any additions to your sexual routine.

  1. Create a fantasy with your partner.
  2. Try combining your secret desires into a fantasy you both can share. Think about what turns you on and what you'd like to have your partner do to you (or you to him). You don't necessarily have to play out the fantasy in real life — it's just a way to get the sexual energy flowing!
  3. Make it real.
  4. If you want to go further, act out your fantasy — either in or out of the bedroom! For instance, you may want to try pretending you don't know each other in public places — then pick each other up and take each other home (and to wherever that leads!).
  5. Play with props.
  6. Props can help you get inside an alternate reality while in the bedroom. Try things like furry handcuffs or edible oils, or dress up as someone from a fantasy. Like a man in uniform? Get your partner a suit from the secondhand store and tell him your wildest desires.
  7. Seek adventure.
  8. Try something adventurous outside the bedroom. The chemical reaction produced by new activities is similar to the feelings you experience at the beginning of a new relationship. Try skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, gambling — whatever gets your adrenaline rushing.
  9. Keep active.
  10. Explore a new activity as a couple, especially one that uses your body. You could try dance lessons, tennis lessons, yoga, or massage classes, or take cooking or language classes together — just choose something that engages you and teaches you something new that you can share.


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