Your friends say you can do better -- are they right?

When it comes to you and your man, your friends will either think you're a perfect match or a match made in hell. Do they say things like, 'He's not right for you' or 'You're different around him'? They could have your best interests at heart -- or they could just be jealous. Here's when you should listen to your sistahs' gripes about your significant other and when you should tell them to back off.

"Some key signs that girlfriends should look out for is if they see your boyfriend talk negatively about you to them behind your back, if he checks out other women blatantly in front of them, or is flirtatious and even comes on to a friend," says love, dating and relationship expert Janice D. Bennett, Ph.D.

You should also listen to what your friends say about your man when:

1. You can't relax and be yourself

If you're always quiet around him when you're usually a motor mouth or if you skip the raunchy jokes so as not to offend him, there may be a problem.

2. You quit your yoga class

If your friends point out that you've missed the last month of workout classes or book club meetings, heed their concern. It could mean you are becoming too wrapped up in your BF's world. A good partner will encourage you to pursue your own hobbies and interests.

3. You no longer have an opinion on politics

…Or the war in Iraq, abortion, religion, etc. If you stifle your views to appease his, there's something strange going down.

4. he has become your only social life

You say you live your "own lives," but the truth is you seem happier and more carefree when you're with just your friends instead of your man.


Source: Sheknows



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