10 Sweet Valentine's Day gifts under $50

It's the thought that counts, right? In our heart of hearts, we know it that to be true. However, no one wants to be the mate who comes up empty-handed at gift time. Times are tough, though, and we want to nab the sweetest gifts - at an equally sweet price. Check out our list of Valentine's Day gifts under $50. After all, the point is to show you care... about your mate and your wallet!

Barefoot Bubbly Rosé Cuvée

We’re all for raising a glass to the one you love. This is a slightly sweet sparkling pink wine, with hints of strawberry and citrus. It pairs well with traditional Valentine treats like chocolates. Delicious: And fits the holiday décor as well!

$10 at barefootwine.com

Swarovski Charm Bracelet

You can always add more love with the gift of a charm bracelet. This one has interchangeable charms.

$26, charms are $18-$22 at swarovski-crystallized.com.

RJ Grazziano Bubble Necklace

Made of large clear marble-style Lucite beads, this statement necklace can be worn with virtually any outfit.

$45 at lordandtaylor.com

Godiva Limited Edition True Love Gold Heart Chocolates

Remind your loved ones just how much you care by giving them this heart shaped box filled with delectable chocolates, created in partnership with the Elton John AIDS Foundation. (Sweet tip: place a single piece of chocolate in all your sweetie's usual places to make the day special, like on the dresser, inside the medicine cabinet, next to the coffee cup, etc.

$25, Godiva.com

Juniors Red Velvet Cheesecake

Ever watch Golden Girls? You know that women have a special relationship with cheesecake! A traditional favorite with a Juniors twist, this Red Velvet Cheese cake is homemade moist red velvet cake is layered with our Original New York cheesecake and cream cheese icing, and then adorned with even more icing and cake crumbs. Indulgent, yes, but isn’t that what this holiday is all about?

$39.95 at juniorscheesecake.com

Homemade from the Heart

Never underestimate the value of something made from your own heart. So whether it’s a hand-arranged bouquet of flowers of baking their favorite dessert. The soul and effort that goes into this gift is worth its weight in gold.

Fredericks of Hollywood Embroidered Heart Chemise

Something silky is always a good bet. If you know her size, get her a silk teddy or slip. If you’re unsure, you might consider buying her a silk robe. Silk feels luxurious against her skin and she’ll look sexy in it too. We love this pink embroidered heart chemise from Fredericks of Hollywood – sure to set hearts racing and temperatures rising on Valentine’s Day.

$38 at FredericksofHollywood.com

Chocri Chocolates

Didn’t we just mention chocolate? Yes, we did, but let’s face it: Customization is sweet in a whole new way. With chocri, consumers get to design their own chocolate bars from scratch: They can choose a base chocolate (dark, milk or white), and then select from over 100 different “toppings” that will be added to the base (from the traditional – raisins, almonds – to the outrageous – chives, and rosemary!), and then they can even choose their own chocolate bar name! For you romantics out there, they also have Valentine’s Day themed toppings like candied rose petals, marzipan roses, and smiley heart faces!
$8 a bar, plus about $1 per topping at CreatemyChocolate.com

Smell So Sweet!

Let’s face it: This is a holiday of seduction. Instantly seduce your man or the hottie across the room with In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon, a mysterious, ultra-feminine scent. The packaging, a golden hue, rounded glass bottle topped with a flower in full bloom, embodies this floral, oriental, sweet southern scent – it’s sexy and super cute at the same time!
$34 at Avon.com

Club Vibe

We saved the naughtiest for last: Club Vibe is the ultimate accessory for any nightclub or concert.  It is a discreet wearable bullet vibe that vibrates to the sound around you. It will even vibrate to your lover's voice. It retails for $49.  Use it while you are out at your romantic Valentine’s date…no one will know, except the two of you. You can’t get much sexier than that!
$49 at OhMiBod.com

Source: Sheknows


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