The Top 10 Reasons She Dumped You

So, she dumped you. Sorry! Sometimes women do that sort of thing. Now, you want to know why? Your buddies say: “Who cares!” You want to know anyway. There are many reasons she may have thrown your heart out with the trash, but more likely than not it’s one of the top 10 most common reasons that women dump men. Was it something you said? Was it something you did? Was it all that eating Cheetos in bed? After the jump, find out why she dumped you, but, trust us, the answer isn’t always pretty.

1. You’re Bad in Bed. It can’t be true! She never said anything like that! Yeah, well, women do that. Maybe she tried to school you. Maybe it was her, not you. Maybe you just weren’t sexually compatible. To spare your ego, she never told you. But that’s why she walked out on you. Next time, do not try the helicopter without asking first.


2. It Got Boring. People are always talking about how men like new things, new experiences, new partners. Well, they’re not alone. Women have a secret side that’s like a lone female wolf, and if things get too steady, if you start taking her for granted, it’s possible that she went looking for thrills elsewhere, and elsewhere is where she’ll stay.

3. You’re a Jerk. You think you’re “funny,” but she didn’t think that crack you made about her weight was hilarious. You weren’t that nice to her parents, you eat with your mouth open, and when you get drunk with your buddies, you turn into a total pig. She knows you’re a nice guy underneath it all, but there was too much BS in the way to make it worth it.

4. You Weren’t Getting Anywhere. Here are some qualities women like in men: ambitious, driven, goal-oriented. It’s OK if you hit a slump, but if your career hit the skids, and, oh, a year later you aren’t able to bounce back, there’s going to be trouble in this love valley. It’s not what you do, or how much you make, but women dig a man who makes the most of who he is.

5. You’re Commitment-Phobic. Couldn’t get monogamous? Wouldn’t move in together? Can’t find the balls to propose? Women seek out security and stability, and there comes a time in every relationship when it’s either, er, do your business or get off the pot. If you couldn’t take things to the next level, you’ve only got yourself to blame for the fact that she walked out the door.

6. She’s Just Not That into You. Hey, we’re not the only ones out there who someone just isn’t that into! Whether the spark died, she wasn’t that into you in the first place but it took her a while to realize it, or she got in a mood, a permanent mood, she may have split because she wasn’t feeling it. Go find someone else who is so into you.

7. A Dealbreaker Secret. Sometimes, women hold things back. They don’t disclose everything. They’ve got a secret in their past. She used to be a stripper. She had an abortion. She never got over her ex. For some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to tell you. For her, that’s what stands between you two, and, unable to share who she really is with you, she went in search of someone else to whom she could reveal her true self.

8. She Met Someone Else. Yeah, it happens, and if he did what a man is supposed to do better than you, in her opinion, she looks at it as trading up. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

9. You Let Yourself Go. If a guy leaves a girl because she “let herself go,” everyone gets offended. But it’s possible that if you let yourself go, she left you because of it. If she was going to the gym five days a week, and your idea of a workout is lifting the beer from the table to your mouth, it’s possible that, um, your exercise routines were the problem.

10. You Cheated. You slipped once. It happens! You came clean. She forgave you. You even went to couples therapy together. Eventually, you moved beyond it. But ... did she? Women never forget anything, and it may be that she was never able to get over it. What can you do? Move on. Try again. Do better next time. You learned something, right?

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