Relationship Resolutions to Make for New Year's

Imagine that 2010 can be the best year ever for your love life. Follow these commandments and watch your bond with your man grow even stronger.

1. Stop overanalyzing.
Alright ladies: This means not rereading a text message 12 times and wondering if you should reply now, in five minutes, or in two hours. All that energy could be spent doing something, shopping.

Couple Holding Hands

2. Quit the toxic guys.
Bad boys may be intriguing (and usually hot), but do you really want to waste your time on an unemployed man-boy with commitment issues? Even Audrina finally ditched Justin Bobby!


3. Monitor your Twitter TMI.
Your followers don't really need a play-by-play of your budding romance. It's the new way to overshare and just as bad as posting 500 pics of the two of you making out on Flickr.

4. Don't let him take over your iCal.
Do you really need to join his fantasy league when you couldn't care less about [insert sport here]? And do you think he really appreciates the amazing opportunity of midnight Twilight tix? You both have your own friends: Use them.

5. Set a new sex goal for 2010.
We know you already call the shots in bed, but this is the year to make sure you're getting off each and every time. If you want a little extra attention, whether from your long-term bf or random hookup, tell him how hot it makes you when he ___ your ___ and you will never have a mediocre romp again.

6. Bitch him out when he deserves it.
If he has a case of stupid guy word vomit (like "You have issues" or "Stop overreacting"), tell him you have no intention of dating someone who is so insensitive. He'll respect you for speaking up, especially when it prevents a major blowout later.

7. Leave the games for your Nintendo Wii.
We'll admit it: Sometimes it feels GREAT to flirt with a random guy in front of your bf just to get him jealous. But even if your guy is the jerk who's neglecting you, he'll just get mad at you for playing games. Be direct and flat-out tell him the next time you want some one-on-one attention.

8. Forget that other girl friend who may or may not be into him.
Unless she pops up on his speed dial or starts taking over your date nights, you have nothing to worry about. Instead, use that mental energy on something else — like your plan for seducing him into a quickie tomorrow morning.

9. Banish this question from your brain: Where is this going?
You may have your love life scheduled like your overachieving career (sex on the third date, flowers after one month, those three small words after four), but you can't map out a relationship. Cut him some slack when he doesn't propose by date 10.

10. Step away from his Facebook profile.
Just because his status is still "single" after a month doesn't mean he wants to break up with you. Ditto for wondering about all those photos tagged of him and some girl you haven't met. If he's making plans to see you week after week and calling you in between, you don't need a virtual reassurance of how he feels.

11. Lock your phone and change your passwords.
According to's Great Male Survey, 50% of guys have read their girlfriends' e-mail or other electronic messages. Just in case your guy ever tries to snoop, make your privacy settings more advanced. And resist snooping yourself: He will eventually find out. Trust is better than knowing he gchatted "hi" to some chick named Courtney four months ago. If you suspect he's up to no good, confront him first before pulling a Nancy Drew.

12. Stop demanding perfection.
If you want the world, he might just not be able to deliver. So maybe be reasonable and just settle for North America. In case you're already set to dump him because he can't plan more than a day in advance, at least give him a fighting chance and make a list of all the good he's done for you too. Then decide if you really can't deal with some of the trade offs.


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