Romantic ideas for your wedding night

Ceremony details? Check! Reception style? Check! Dress? Check! Postwedding plans? Don't make too many -- chances are, you'll be tired, hungry, and maybe even a little tipsy. Here are five romantic (and pretty easy) ideas for your wedding night.

Be Your Own Photographer

Most of the big day will be documented on film, but what about your wedding night? After the ceremony and reception have ended, your his-and-hers photo fun can begin. Snap solo shots and set up the timer to get plenty of pictures with both of you. Don't worry about staging any shots or how you look after a full day of wedding activities. You'll want the photos to be candid and lighthearted. Just take pictures until you run out of memory on your card. You can even shoot a little video too. Browse the photos while you're on your honeymoon, and when you get back, you can put together a fun gallery of the photos and edit your video clips into a DVD.


Revisit a Relationship Landmark

If you're getting married in or near the area where you met and fell in love, why not spend your wedding night at a place with special significance to you both? Maybe you met for dinner at a restaurant in the lobby of a great hotel, or there's a ski or vacation resort you visited nearby that has the same room you stayed in before and is available for the night. On your way to the location, share your memories about the last time you were there together as you prepare to make even more.

Share a Postwedding Meal

At your reception, you'll drink, you'll dance, and you'll talk with guests, but with so much to see and do, you probably won't actually get to eat. This means you'll be starving by the time you arrive at your bridal suite, so why not have a yummy meal for two waiting? Arrange to have your favorite midnight snacks waiting in the room, and for dessert, share an ice-cream sundae in bed.

Recite Your Vows Again

Go on, admit it! When he recites his vows, you're going to wish you could press rewind and play them over and over again. So why not say them once more to each other on your wedding night? Repeat those very special words aloud to one another by candlelight. This time, the moment will be between just the two of you.

Take One More Stroll

When you arrive at your room, you'll be ready to get out of your clothes and just crash, so make one last romantic pit stop before you go. Visit a nearby location like a public park, waterfront, or garden, where you can stand hand in hand and take in the moment together once more. Leave your limo waiting as you enjoy the peace and quiet and togetherness before you call it a (great!) night.


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