6 Things He Doesn't Want You to Know

After a certain time in a relationship, women start to equate what she knows about her guy with intimacy. Apparently, knowing all the little details about each other brings you closer together as a couple. Most men correctly identify this instinct as "nosiness."

There are some things that she doesn't need to know: Obviously, details such as the fact that you did time for murder might need to be dealt with sooner rather than later, but there's a host of other little facts that can be safely swept under the carpet. And for your own peace of mind, it's best if you encourage her to keep some of her stories there as well.

Note that we're not condoning outright lying, but it's often better to duck and dive. Skim over details, downplay the facts, or distract her with something shiny -- anything to keep sensitive information under wraps. More often than not, though, it's just a case of you keeping quiet when a stupid thought pops into your head. We'd like to remind you about all the things she doesn't need to know, just so you can work on keeping that yapper shut and keeping your relationship on calm waters.

  • You hooked up with the hot female bartender

There's something deep inside a man that means he can't help but boast. Think about how we were as little kids, always bragging who scored the most goals, who had the best bike, whose dad was the toughest. It's something we men never quite grow out of bartender you once made it with, there's a part of you that wants the whole world to know all the details of the sordid encounter. However, if you're with your woman, you have to learn to tell that part of you to shut the hell up because there are things she doesn't need to know, and this is definitely one of them.

It's best to avoid mentioning details regarding any woman you've hooked up with. You might think you have a good reason -- your girl could have jokingly knocked your masculinity or revealed a hookup of her own -- but it's best to just let it go. Pointing out every woman that's been lucky enough to spend time in your company will just lead to resentment and tit-for-tat comparisons of past conquests.

You lived with your parents until recently

OK, so sometimes things don't go as planned and you end up back with the folks. There are many valid reasons why a guy may be forced to move in with his parents for a while -- he might have had a bad breakup, or maybe he just finished college and is broke, or his own house was destroyed by an act of God. No one will think any less of him, right?

Wrong: Living with your parents past the age of 21 hardly conveys the impression of a strong, independent man, now does it? First off, while you're still there, you shouldn't be dating. A one-night hookup ending at her place is fine, but nothing long-term. Wait until you're out of there and in your own place.

Once you are dating, mentioning the slip in living circumstances is one of the things she doesn't need to know. If she finds out that living with mom and dad is always an option for you, she'll do one of two things: Get rid of the loser or start to dominate the mama's boy. Neither of which you want.

  • The bad things your buddies are up to

    Everyone's buddies do bad things -- hell, sometimes we even join them. Friendships between single guys are forged through long nights of drinking, screwing around and causing trouble. Women know this, and they don't like it.

    So keep your mouth shut on all the reprehensible behavior your pals get up to, even if she seems to enjoy the stories -- secretly, she doesn't, and this is one of those things she doesn't need to know. In reality, your girl isn't happy to hear about Frank's latest DUI, the new girl that Dave knocked up or Charlie's obsession with hookers -- what she's doing is judging you by their actions.

    In her eyes, the sins of all your friends rub off on you. If you relish telling the stories of their hell-raising exploits, your woman might get the idea that you want to be single again, and she'll want you to cut contact with those bad influences. At worst, she could even think you're out there sinning with them, which isn't going to be good for trust in the relationship.
  • The one that got away

    At some point, couples have to talk about past relationships. It's one of those annoying things that fall into the intimacy and getting-to-know-each-other categories. The key is to make sure it's done in the quickest, least-detailed way possible because you need to remember there are things she doesn't need to know, especially about your past.

    You don't need to over-elaborate on the details of each girl and why she was so special to you. Keep it simple: her name, how old you were, how long it lasted, and maybe why it ended. Please don't tell her all about that one special girl.

    What the woman in your life really doesn't need to know is that one girl came and changed everything, and that every other woman you meet will be judged by the high standards she set. And you really wish the two of you could have made it work. And that, if you met her again one day, you'd beg for a second chance. All that stays in the past.

  • You look at porn a number of times a week

    Porn, thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, is everywhere. Gone are the days when magazines and videos had to be bought in an embarrassing transaction with a grubby little man behind the counter. Now, the full spectrum of sexual tastes and perversions can be viewed with a few strokes of the keyboard.

    Not that you'll ever fully admit this to your girl. Most women don't like the idea of their man spending his evenings in the company of three hot and oiled-up cheerleaders, even if they are only stored on his hard drive.
  • Sure, she'll have an idea that you occasionally stumble across it. And that's the line you should stick to: Every once in a while you get a little curious and take a peek. However, make sure she doesn't know you do it every evening, or each time she goes out to the store or, sometimes, all weekend.

  • You liked her friend first

    Sometimes it happens: Guys end up dating the wrong girl. Maybe they went to talk to one and ended up hitting it off with her friend instead. Or a female friend got confused and set them up on a date with a different pal than the one they had originally wanted. You think things are going well, so maybe your girl should hear the funny story?

  • No. No. No. She won't think it's amusing or be amazed by all the little coincidences that brought the two of you together. What she will think is you can never be trusted with that friend of hers again.

    Most of all, your girl will be hurt that she wasn't the one who attracted your attention from the beginning. Think about it: if she told you she wanted to talk to someone else, got stuck with you, and eventually dated you, would you feel worthwhile? Didn't think so.

    Think before you speak

    Not everything from your past should be common knowledge. No one's suggesting that you should build a false life and dupe some poor chick into being with you. However, covering up some details will help your relationship's chances of survival. And if she does try to call you on your secrecy, just tell her you can't help being a man of mystery.


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