stress and Depression

When There's a Problem, Deal With It!

Yesterday we looked at the little things in marriage that can be a problem. As well as not letting them build up, there is another reason those who run marriage preparation courses advocate dealing with the little things. If you can't talk about the [ … ]

Stress and relationship problems

Does stress cause relationship problems?

Problems in your relationship can cause an enormous amount of stress, either through a drip-drip effect or a crisis, such as an affair.  Avoiding issues that are causing stress for either or both of you may seem [ … ]

Assessing Depression in the Context of Life

What is the difference between having a short-term, emotional crisis, an adjustment disorder, and long-term clinical depression? Well, in the hands of a sloppy mental health professional, the answer might be “nothing” — all three might be diagnosed as [ … ]

Stress substantially slows human body's ability to heal

The stress a typical married couple feels during an ordinary half-hour argument is enough to slow their bodies' ability to heal from wounds by at least one day, a new study has shown. Moreover, if the couple's relationship is routinely hostile toward [ … ]

Stress and Drinking

Studies indicate that many people drink as a means of coping with modern life and its accompanying economic stress, job stress and marital discord. Today’s fast-paced society offers little in the way of social support. While a drink after work or with [ … ]

The Player: Being A Player In The Recession

Harsh reality often puts the brakes on optimism and confidence. There is no doubt that money plays a significant role in the world of the Player; the affluent ladies' man can drop $500 in one night, which puts him in immediate contact with scores of [ … ]

The Player: Score An Inhibited Woman

In reality, there isn’t much of a challenge in scoring forward, aggressive women who are willing to sleep with a broomstick if they ingest enough alcohol. The shy, inhibited women will truly test your hookup skills, especially because you’ll have to [ … ]

Brain Struggles With Social Compassion

Witnessing another person's physical pain registers more quickly in the brain than compassion for social or psychological pain, but the latter leaves a much longer-lasting impression.

New brain-imaging research showed an almost immediate "wince" reaction [ … ]

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