stress and Depression

5 Everyday ways to exercise your brain

Studies show that exercising your brain can help improve your concentration and memory. Some scientists also believe that it can also create a "cognitive reserve" that will allow you to stay sharp as you grow older. You can easily exercise your brain [ … ]

Five office stress-busters

how-to-relax-at-work.jpgYou may love your job, but every career comes with moments that make you want to tear your hair out. Chill out with these five tips to beat stress and get back to the business of good vibes! 1. Make an appointment with yourself
Schedule 15 minutes just [ … ]

10 ways to refresh and regroup

By the time noon rolls around, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, getting a bit sluggish or finding it hard to concentrate, you need to do something to refresh, regroup and get yourself back on track. Though it would be great to lay down for an [ … ]

What stresses us out?

It's become an almost fashionable lament, a way of saying I have a lot on my plate - life is rich. But does it also mean you're putting your health at risk?

Exercise reduces menopausal anxiety, stress and depression

With more menopausal women seeking natural therapies to ease symptoms, a new study has found that simply adding a brisk walking routine can reduce a variety of psychological symptoms such as anxiety, stress and depression. The research is published in [ … ]

What stress does to your body

The human body is well adapted to deal with short-term stress, but if it remains on orange alert for an extended period of time, you can grow vulnerable to some serious health problems. Here's how major systems respond to your worries.



The [ … ]

ADHD increases likelihood of divorce

Parent's FightingAttention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects three to five percent of all children and often continues into adolescence and adulthood. Children with ADHD have trouble paying attention, are hyperactive, and struggle with impulsivity to the [ … ]

5 Stress-busting snacks

Woman with AppleEveryone deals with stress in their own way. Some people work out. Others clean. Still others meditate. But for most of us, when stress strikes, the biggest urge we have is to eat. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you learn to snack the right [ … ]

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