stress and Depression

Kids' sleep issues may affect mental ability later

A new study suggests an association between sleep problems in childhood and mental functioning in early adolescence.

Dr. Alice M. Gregory, at the University of London, UK, and colleagues analyzed data on 1037 children to assess parent-rated sleep problems [ … ]

Having a sister makes you happier and more optimistic

Having a sister makes you happier and more optimistic, a new study shows, but the same is not true for having a brother.

Growing up with at least one girl in the family also makes people more able to cope with their problems, according to the [ … ]

Scientists explain why scratching helps relieve an itch

Person itcing back: Scientists explain why scratching helps relieve an itch Scratching helps to relieve an itch because it reduces the sensations of pain sent to the brain, a new study has found.

The Psychology Of Needy Women

Needy women can be among the most frustrating aspects of a man’s romantic life. Fortunately, relationship scientists have devised a way to suss out which women are overly needy and which ones have their heads on straight. Based on the kinds of relationships [ … ]

Women spend more when shopping depending on time of the month

A woman's "time of the month" has been blamed for everything from mood swings to their eating habits, but new research is now suggesting that it also has a strong influence on the way women shop.

How diet affects your stress levels

Marmite is rich in vitamin B Marmite is rich in vitamin B Photo: THE ADVERTISING ARCHIVES

From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, stress is part of the working day; the trick is learning to deal with it. Exercise can use up stress hormones, but food can [ … ]

Are you burning out?

Do you dread getting out of bed and going to work? When you get there do you coast along unenthusiastically, doing the bare minimum for your boss or clients, yet at the end of the working day still feel drained?

If this emotional exhaustion sounds [ … ]

Stress busting fitness tips

Does it seem like no matter how many hot baths you take and relaxation candles you light, you still feel tense and tired? Exercise could be the key to helping you chill out.

It's well known that exercise helps relieve stress, but it's usually when we [ … ]

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