stress and Depression

The five senses: The best way to quickly relieve and manage stress

You can rapidly reverse the effects of stress by exposing yourself to sensory input that brings you back into balance. Sensory input encompasses what we hear, feel, touch, taste, and see. You can use the five senses to soothe, comfort, and invigorate [ … ]

How to quickly manage stress tip 1: Realize when you’re stressed

The first step to reducing stress is recognizing what stress feels like. Many of us spend so much time in a stressed state, we have forgotten what it feels like to be fully relaxed and alert.

What does it feel like to calm and stress-free? You can see [ … ]

How stress affects relationships

stress cripples your ability to accurately see and hear other people; be self-aware and in touch with your own deep-rooted needs; and communicate your needs clearly. When you’re stressed, your ability to listen and speak intelligently is impaired. Your [ … ]

How to Manage and Relieve Stress in the Moment

When we’re under high levels of stress, rational thinking and decision making go out the window. Runaway stress overwhelms the mind and body, getting in the way of our ability to accurately “read” a situation, hear what someone else is saying, be aware [ … ]

Stress slows ability to heal stress a typical married couple feels during an ordinary half-hour argument is enough to slow their bodies' ability to heal from wounds by at least one day, a new study has shown. Moreover, if the couple's relationship is routinely hostile toward [ … ]

Healing with shiatsu massage

Shiatsu MassageOver the past decade, as more people strive for a balance of mental and physical wellness, they have turned to shiatsu massage in their quest to reduce stress and improve their overall health. Shiatsu massage is an ancient oriental therapeutic massage [ … ]

Sex dreams - what do they mean?

Sex dreams - Sexy dreams

Whether we like to admit it or not we've all had a sexy dream or two. In slumberland anything goes, and if we're not having unbridled passion with Colin Firth, then we're fooling around with an ex, or worse still doing the deed with someone we hate!

What [ … ]

Ahhhh, hot stone massage therapy

Woman getting hot stone massageImagine laying on a massage table, letting your stress and anxieties melt away as your muscles are therapeutically manipulated with comfortably hot stones. A regular deep tissue massage is incredibly relaxing, but the addition of hot stones makes hot [ … ]

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