Relationship - Calling It Quits: When to Face Up to the Fact That It's Over

Has your marriage been having trouble for quite some time now? Do the little disagreements keep escalating as the weeks go by? Do you believe that calling it quits would be better than persisting with a dead marriage? Here's how to know whether calling it quits is the best option for you.

In a marriage, great effort is required from both partners to ensure the marriage can withstand the issues it will come up against. If either you or your partner fails to put in the necessary effort, the marriage will weaken and can easily break. It is worth fighting for a marriage if you have to make some compromises, but there does come a point when it is just time to give up. When you are trapped in a cycle of recurring failures, then calling it quits becomes a better option than trying to battle on until you collapse. Here are some points you should think about before proceed with calling it quits on your marriage.

1. Recurring arguments: When you and your husband continually fight over the same issues, some of them very small, your marriage becomes unhealthy and weak. Your home will be poisoned and you will feel pressure about seeing your partner every evening, as it will just mean more disagreements. When you are no longer able to resolve your arguments, and you are being aggressive or abusive towards one another, then you should consider calling it quits.

2. Keeping things hidden: Truthfulness in a marriage is essential to keeping your marriage bond strong. You need to share idea, goals, and emotions to work towards strengthening the weaknesses in your partnership. When you start to be secretive around one another and no longer share your thoughts and feelings, as you no longer trust one another, then the marriage breaks down. If trust is nonexistent, then calling it quits on the marriage could be the best idea.

3. Lack of communication: When you have built up feelings of resentment to your partner, this leads to you leaving your partner out of almost all aspects of your life. As the relationship disintegrates, you no longer communicate with each other, and you live each day as though you were by yourself. Your home environment is cold and your marriage stops developing. Persisting with this kind of lonely life will just cause misery. So calling it quits on the marriage could be a good option.

4. Lack of love: Love is the key factor in why you chose to spend your life together with your husband. When the love is gone, then living together becomes pointless. It will serve to make both of you very unhappy. Calling it quits is a more sensible option than continuing to pretend that your marriage is okay.

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Evangeline Harris is a dating and relationship expert. Her passion is to write informative articles for women who want to improve their love lives. Visit her site for more information.

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