Love - What Is Love?

Many people are in error by looking for love from people of opposite sex, instead of looking for love, we must look for a relationship with them to amuse ourselves and see it as a source of fun like any kind of entertainment that feeds our will since life without entertainment is meaningless and dull. This mentality of searching for love hurt many people because love is what you give with your heartfelt thoughts not what you expect to receive. What can I say love and relationship are two different things. Love is a heartfelt thought of affection, you give conscious or unconscious to something you like -from your self like Narcissus [a Greek legend who fell in love with his own reflection and was turned unto a flower], to your mother, father, family, friends, lover, [even if your relationship with them is bad], animals, social life, career, work, liquor, pigs, money to material possessions, sadism, gossiping, music, TV, high achievers, movies, celebrities etc and this result into emotional attachment to your object of adoration and since every thought carries an emotional tag, you will feel it. And thinking too much about that object of affection in the name of love, budges you to give it to them or express it and if you don't stop thinking about them too hard, it can lead to obsession or infatuation and there is danger there because when we live in expectations with strong belief how things are and how others should be, we will get disappointed because nobody is perfect to live up to anybody's expectation.

If you are not emotional attached to people or things you interact with, then there is no love there because love is emotional attachment to something. So, are you emotional attached to your partner?

Food for thoughts. That is why people cry when their object of affection dies because they are emotional attached to it. Some people cry even for a dead dog. If you didn't love the deceased, you wouldn't cry. Could you mourn for people you don't love? I have heard about people who committed suicide because of the love of the money they lost. Love is so diverse and personalized. It is given in different areas of our life. You don't need love from somebody else because you will never find one since love is what you give thoughtfully rather than what you receive. Many people can love you but if you don't love yourself their affection for you will be in vain. How many people do we know who committed suicide or take drugs, or strung out despite all the love they get from mother, father, spouse, kids, relatives and friends? If nobody loves you, love yourself and love will come. When we hate ourselves we project it outside and people pick it up unconsciously and hate us, too. But when you love yourself, people will be receptive to your unconscious and will give you love, too. Self-loving people like narcissist doesn't expect others to give them love and this kind of attitude makes them to be selfish and at the same time loved. They don't care about what people think about them because they love themselves with so much self-respect for themselves and protect their values and interests.

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