Love - Does The No Contact Rule Really Work? Find Out Here!

The no contact rule is easy to follow. Avoid contacting your ex after the breakup-- that's essentially what the No Contact rule means. This includes all kinds of communication, such as calling, emailing, and messaging. For a few weeks to a month, cut all communication with your ex.

How Does the No Contact Rule Work and Why Is It Important?

There are several reasons why your ex broke up with you. The more you try to change their mind, influence them back into your life, or encourage them that what they're doing is wrong, the more you shove your ex further and further away from you. This is the reason why the No Contact rule is really important.

Through this, your ex can reassess their own life without you convincing them, which will most probably push them away if you try. The No Contact rule will be effective only if you provide your ex the time and space to consider if they need you in their life.

What You Need to Do During the No Contact Period?

When the No Contact period is over, you will boost your chances of getting your ex back (if you've followed all the rule). Keep in mind that you and your ex used to be crazily in love together. What only changed was the negative emotions from life stresses that slowly destroyed your relationship.

Can you frankly tell that you're the same person you were when you and your ex first began dating? Almost certainly not. stress changes us. The cause to your breakup is life and its harsh truth, which gradually deteriorated your relationship and how you feel about yourself. When your ex and you first began dating, both of you WANTED each other then.

Perhaps, you feel like you NEED your ex back. Try to shift your mindset from needing back to wanting. You're showing an air of desperation when you contact your ex, and that is NOT attractive as it will most likely shove your ex further away from you.

This means that you should get out of this mindset of need and LIVE your life. That's the way to heal your whole being from the inside out bit by bit. By changing your mind from needing your ex to wanting your ex, you'll give off a vibe that can attract your ex back to you!

The No Contact rule is effective only if you follow it to the "T" and spend that time improving yourself so when the time comes to contact your ex, he or she will remember at once why he or she fell in love with you.

If you want to know more about no contact with an ex, you might be interested in checking out signs ex wants you if you want to know if your relationship still has a chance of surviving.

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