Love - Keeping Your Man In Love With You - Things You Shouldn't Ignore To Keep Him Interested In You

It was hard enough getting him to commit but keeping your man in love with you throughout can often be challenging. After you meet the person you think "is the one", you don't want to let go of him. It's like you searched all the garbage and finally found a diamond! You really don't want to go through that experience of searching in garbage again, now do you?

What usually happens is that, many love stories start strong. Perhaps, even yours did. However, after some time your man who was once in love with you (can out of the blue!) inform you that he can no longer see you. He might say that he doesn't have feelings for you or maybe he has found someone else.

Of course not all relationships end because the woman is not keeping the man in love. Relationships work both ways. Both partners need to work towards it. This article though is more focused on what you can do to keep your man in love with you.

So always keep in mind that finding and meeting person you think "is the one" is half the battle. Keeping your man in love with you, is something you need to continuously work on.

It is important to realize what qualities your man finds irresistible in you and then capitalize on that. He loves you for some reason, so know what it is and don't do anything to erase those qualities from yourself, even by accident! For example, if he likes the mysterious nature in you, don't suddenly change to be predictable. Keep your share of mystery about you. Keep your man guessing about what you are thinking. In other words, be spontaneous occasionally.

Another common mistake women make is second guessing themselves by comparing with the other people he hangs out with. Remember, he chose you over others, you need to keep that in mind. It does go a long way.

Also, be supportive of him. His career, future plans, family so that he won't feel you are an obstacle to what he wants in life. Once you have been in a relationship for a while it is easy to fall into a "schedule" or start taking each other for granted. Make sure your man know that he is the center of your life and you are important to him on a daily basis. Don't just tell; show it in your actions.

So, all in all keeping your man in love with you is simply, doing the small things right!. You love him; you want to keep him in love with you. You have the power to make that happen.

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