Love - How To Stop Loving A Man Who Doesn't Want You Even If You Think You Can't Stop Loving Him

It hurts real badly when you are in love with a man who doesn't want you. You try everything to stop loving this man who doesn't want anything to do with you. But even if you know that things are not going to work out you still can't just out of the blue stop loving him.

I know all too well how difficult it is to forget the one you love and move on. I was in love with a guy for about 2 years even when he didn't want anything to do with me! I was head over heels in love with him. He was my world even though he didn't care at all about me! Looking back at it now it all seems so stupid. I can't believe I wasted precious time when I could have been dating someone else or at least found someone else who loves me for me. The thing is when you think you are in love, you can hardly think straight. You might even ignore the well-meant advice your friends and family might give. You think that you know better than them or you think they won't know how much you love him.

So I was depressed and feeling lonely with this one-sided love. I was annoyed and furious too! Then it took a toll on my self-confidence. I was wondering whether I wasn't pretty enough or whether I should lose some weight or wear better cloths etc. I was trying to change myself just so he would love me back. But nothing I did could make him love me back!

Perhaps, we don't always completely move on.

Or it could be the people you once loved and lost take a small piece of your heart, when they leave. Those areas may not completely heal at all every again.

But it's all the same in the end. You are hopeless in love. You are making every effort to stop loving your man but all you can think of is the future that you will never have with him.

It's natural to be sad and thinks about him for a while. But loving someone for months on end when you know that he doesn't want you is not at all healthy for you.

Gradually you need to get out of the victim mentality and stop thinking about what could have been.

You deserve a much better than you have been treated by this man.

The one, your soul mate the one you are supposed to be with, is out there somewhere.

Every moment you spend loving a man who doesn't love you, you lose out on finding that special someone. So stay strong. I am sure the love of your life, will find you one day. It might not be today, but there is hope for tomorrow!

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