How to “deal” with workplace stress

PowerHouse Hit the Deck

When you are working 40-plus hours a week, managing your stress or fitting in a workout on top of taking care of your family can seem impossible. To help busy women efficiently keep stress at bay and stay fit, Evans, who coaches organizations on how to increase employee capacity for stress and effectively increase overall job performance and productivity, has created the PowerHouse Hit the Deck, a deck of fitness cards, each displaying a stress-busting fat-burning move that can be done in the office, outside, or at home.


Playing a winning hand

The PowerHouse Hit the Deck provides short bursts of intense physical activity that burn off the stress hormones and release the bliss molecules that help alleviate the stress response, no matter which cards you choose.

Evans explains, “It also raises the threshold for what the body perceives to be a stressful event. Think about this: you’re exposed to stress and the heart rate increases dramatically. When the stress is over your heart rate drops. The sooner your heart rate drops, the sooner you have recovered from the stress. When you do a card from Hit the Deck, your heart rate increases. When you finish the card and are drawing the next one, your heart rate drops."

Exercise helps the body cope with stress

Cardiovascular fitness is measured by how quickly the heart rate drops from the physical stress of exercise. Dealing yourself a few Hit the Deck cards will train your heart rate to recover more quickly in between each card as well as training it to comfortably go higher. "The end result is that you’re training your body to recover from stress more quickly and you’re raising the threshold for what your body perceives to be a stressful event, all while getting a killer cardiovascular and resistance training workout with no fitness equipment!” says Evans.

Bust stress and burn fat with short workouts

Evans recommends incorporating short bouts of exercise throughout your day to help you manage time and allay the angst that comes with unsuccessfully trying to fit in a long workout. “Research shows you get as much benefit from breaking your workouts up as someone who does [longer workouts],” she adds. For example, do four to five Hit the Deck cards or 10 minutes of physical activity in the morning, again at midday and then in the early evening -- it adds up to 30 minutes of exercise for the day.

quick tips to reduce stress and stay in shape at work

Here is Evans' list of quick tips to help you manage stress and take care of your health at the office.

1. Perform several short movement breaks. Several times during the day, take a few minutes to do three to five PowerHouse Hit the Deck cards, go up and down a couple of flights of stairs, or go outside for a walk around the building. Short bursts of intense physical activity burn off stress hormones and release endorphins and restore balance.

2. Take frequent snack breaks. Eat several small meals throughout the day to manage blood glucose levels. Why? When blood glucose levels get too low, it puts stress on the body, sends it into survival mode and you get "hangry," an unpleasant combination of angry, impatient, critical, and easily pushed over the edge.

3. Minimize caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Many people tend to reach for these when feeling stressed out. In reality, all of these substances release the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which actually increase physiological stress on the body.

4. Don't overeat at lunch. Many people skip breakfast, work all morning, are famished by the time lunch rolls around and then eat an enormous meal. Putting too much glucose into the system at one time adds stress to the body because greater levels of insulin must be released and any glucose that can't be used is stored in the fat cells. Not only is eating too much at once a stress on the body, carrying around extra fat also places stress on the system.

5. Go for a stretch. If you can't take an official movement break during a long meeting or conference call, you can still move your body. Do some stretching to release muscular tension and stress: Reach forward to stretch your upper back and shoulder, lift each ear away from the shoulders to stretch your neck, cross one foot over the opposite knee and lean forward slightly, and bring the hands behind the back, gently lifting to stretch the chest.

By incorporating a few simple workplace strategies to move your body and reduce your stress, you’ll find that the quality of your life, health and fitness improves. You’ll breathe easier, feel more relaxed, look better, sleep sounder, get sick less frequently, and actually have the desire and energy to smile and be happy.


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