Love - The Secret of Falling In Love Using Your Mind

When two positive beings, male and female, meet each other they fall in love. Falling in love does not mean that just by seeing each other create a love bond. When two people fall in love it is the outcome of their message sent out by their subconscious into the environment in the past. It is the outcome of the past thought in the conscious that was in turn planted in the subconscious. The thought was related to the desire to meet someone and fall in love. It was something that a person dwelled upon in the past to meet the opposite sex and therefore the message that was sent in the form of energy came into being.

The energy sent out by the subconscious has matched the description that was formed in the mind of what character and looks it prescribed. When the two people meet, the situation is actually created by the energy originally released by the subconscious.

Because the energy has manifested in each other's mind and the environment that surrounds them is full of this energy, it acts like a magnet. The magnetic field surrounding them is positive because of the same or like charges that results in being attracted to each other. There is an enormous magnetic field of love surrounding them. The field is so big that their hearts cannot be so far away and needs to communicate with each other's heart. The result is the smile on each other's face. The gesture is produced by one party and the other replies.

The law of attraction is now coming into force. In the end the body is joined together as a metal attracts to the magnet. The deeper level of falling in love is putting their bodies together so their hearts beat as one.

If the mind of both male and female are put together at this point it is enormously filled with huge energy. The concentration is only on each other and therefore no other thoughts stand in the way. This energy is the driving force behind the creation of new life.

As human beings, our physical being is programmed to interact with other physical being of opposite sex to assist in creating new life. This programming is activated when a match is in range and all prescribed definitions of the previous thoughts are matched. The result is, they fall in love in a magnetized environment.

You as a human being are no exception to this truth. You have just read the secret involved in falling in love. If you have been struggling and wishing to fall in love with someone, you have just covered some of the basic principle you can put to use.

You only need to concentrate on the thought you have about someone or a person with certain personalities, and your subconscious will create it for you. When you meet someone it is not love at first sight, rather it is your mind that has created the situation.

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