Relationship Advice For Women: 3 Reasons Why Men Love Control Freaks

This relationship advice for women is something that I think you might find interesting. I'm sure you're aware of some couples where the man is simply described as being "whipped". This is the case because the woman is authoritative and always has to have her way. I'm going to talk about why men love control freaks and why they ultimately choose to marry them. If you think that it's because they make them marry them, then you're wrong. There's another more important reason that men choose to marry control freaks and it's for this very reason that your marriage probably isn't that happy right now.

1. She's Vulnerable

This is the main reason that men choose to marry control freaks. I know it sounds simple, but if you think about it, it does make sense. Women who are control freaks tend to be insecure about certain aspects. This doesn't mean that they're not happy with themselves or don't love themselves. They've just always liked order in their lives.

The men that they marry typically are people who are used to being bossed around, hence the reason that they don't mind marrying a woman who does that.

2. Control Freaks Lack Strength

Control freaks try to control their outer world so that they feel at peace. They may have a semblance of strength, but in reality, there are a few patchy areas that the man has probably identified where they are weak.

These weak patches are the vulnerable areas that I talked about in the previous paragraph that makes husbands of control freaks loyal to them, even if they do get a lashing now and then. These men simply love the fact that they fill in this void in their woman's life.

3. Do You Fill In His Void?

This is why your marriage might not be so happy right now. Not everyone's perfect, but do you feel that you really complement your man? You each have to complement each other in some way, otherwise where is the value exchanged in your relationship?

People who understand the other person to the hilt know where their weaknesses are and it's in knowing these weaknesses that people simply fall in love with the other person. As soon as someone feels understood, they also feel like they've found someone who they can love for the rest of their lives.

This relationship advice for women is something that might seem a little bit strange to start off with, but you could learn a lot from these supposedly imbalanced relationships.

Jack Keys is a married to his wife, Elle and has a beautiful baby daughter with her. His psychology degree, combined with his real-life experience in his own marriage has turned him into an accidental relationship adviser amongst his friends and colleagues.

He specializes in relationship advice for women and shares his knowledge with women who want to strengthen their relationship with their husband.

His latest 10-page report talks about how to get more love and respect from your husband, written especially for women who are finding that their man is falling out of love with them.

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