Love - Are Divorced Women Wondering If They Will Ever Find True Love?

What is true love? Some poets compare it with the eternal flame which can never be put out. Is it a fair comparison? Actually, people define its meaning according to what they look for in a life partner. However, all of its definitions have one thing in common: true love will sustain through all ups and downs in a relationship or in a marriage.

As a divorced woman, you found out that the love you had thought was true turned out to be just the love for a moment. This makes you lose hope of ever finding true love, with a life partner who will love you no matter what; especially, if you are in the midlife age or older.

Unlike the young divorcees, you usually wonder if you will find your true love, and live a fulfilled life with the companionship of a lover, a friend and a soul mate; or you will live a lonely life, watching couples around you enjoying their togetherness, and wishing that were your life. If you have children, you will not be with them all the time, because they will have their own family; and very likely, they will not live near you.

Of course, you will not be bothered by these thoughts if you do not care that you will love again; or if you want to feel free, to be on your own, and to enjoy doing things without answering to anyone. However, even if you do not look for love and you are content to live by yourself, there are some moments, you will wonder about the same things; especially, when time goes on and you do not get any younger.

The truth is you are not the only one who wonders about ever finding true love. Whoever has not found the love he or she considers true, wonders just like you do. And he or she goes on searching for his or her true love; for many people, it may take their whole life to search for theirs, and still cannot find it. To say this does not mean to discourage you, it only means that it is normal and natural for you to wonder about that.

So, you do not need to lose hope of having true love. Your experiences with one man, or more than one, do not dictate that you attract only the man who is ultimately wrong for you. Instead, they help you to realize that you need to pay more attention to what was not good for you, and what did not work for you, as your past has shown you; they also remind you to choose prudently then treat lovingly and respectfully.

Mai Bordelon, aka The Coach for Divorced Women at, helps divorced women to become stronger & happier, to achieve a life they dream of with a partner worthy of their love, and to never feel they are under anyone's mercy again. Copyright © 2010 My Little Corner, LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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