Love - Is It TRUE Love? 3 UNUSUAL Love Compatibility Tests That EVERY Woman Should Try Once

Is it really true love? Is he REALLY Mr. Right... or simply, as happens FAR too often... Mr. Right NOW? And is there any real way of finding out how much he loves you without having to beg, ask his friends of embarrass yourself silly? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at 3 unusual love compatibility tests that are VERY unusual, a bit weird, but AMAZINGLY effective as well! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Now, before I give you the 3 very specific tests you can do, I want to WARN you ahead of time.

These are NOT for old fashioned, closed minded thinkers, die hard cynics and skeptics, and women who don't have a sense of AMOROUS adventure. If you are an old fashioned woman afraid to open your mind, heart and spirit to the MAGIC of the Universe around you, you may want to skip these 3 techniques completely. But if you are open to the idea that each of our lives is about PASSION, and purpose and little "dash of DESTINY", I'm writing this article with YOU in mind... :-)

1 - The ENERGY of Amore

Or said differently, have your aura compared to your partners! Believe it or not, energy science is making RADICAL improvements and advancements each and every year, and the idea of auras, or that we EACH have a unique energetic fingerprint, is growing more and more mainstream. Did you know that emotional empaths and intuitives have been USING energy, and aura's to match couples and lovers for literally HUNDREDS of years. It's true... and there are many gifted relationship therapists that use the energy of emotion, or the AURA of love, to predict how long a relationship will last... with uncanny accuracy!

2 - Is Your Soulmate in the STARS?

The most popular reason to consult an astrological chart or to seek out a professional horoscope in 2010 was for matters of the heart! More people are turning to the cosmos for answers on LOVE, lust, romance and relationship than at any time in human history. And if you really want to TEST the authenticity of your current relationship, there is no better way than to get a full astrological reading for love. (although you may NOT always like what you hear! I had an 11 year relationship come to an end after a well known local love astrologer clearly told us we were BOTH in love with other people... and believe it or not, it was true!)

3 - Pass the Psychic Love Test! (the SECRET to Celebrity Romances that DO Last!)

Simply stated... a good love psychic reading is the very BEST way to test your KARMIC connection than any other method I know... short of reading his mind yourself..:-) The truth is, a good emotional intuitive can do things that a normal relationship counselor, therapist, friend or even family member can - they can offer you OBJECTIVE, but empathetic advice and insight on what they see for you, without being clouded by their feelings for you, or your partner. Are all love intuitives good? Absolutely NOT. Most are fairly worthless. But if you speak to a good one who has a legitimate gifts and intuitive insight like I have, what they are able to see WILL blow you away. (and there is NO better "WEIRD" way to test your love, or commitment and future together, than this... and have a whole lot of entertaining fun in the process!)

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