Love - Does Everyone Have a Soulmate? The SAD Truth About Finding True Love (Especially for Women!)

Are each of us born with a romantic destiny or spiritual partner? Is karma at play in the universe when it comes to meeting the man (or woman) I'm here to learn, love and LUST after... or is it all just a matter of luck, chance and a roll of the dice?

In this article we are going to tackle a topic that many people find very controversial - the idea of SOUL-MATES, whether or not they really exist and also, are we guaranteed to meet them in this lifetime, or do we often miss by inches instead? Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Does Everyone Have a Soulmate... or is it ALL just a bunch of new age nonsense?

The truth? In my world view, everyone has a spiritual partner, or another half that they come into this world to be reunited with for very specific purposes. It may be to repair a relationship from a previous lifetime, or to accomplish specific things left undone from another as well. It may be do special things in the world together... that require BOTH of your efforts and energy and enthusiasm, or any combination of reasons above, or that I couldn't conceivably cover here... :-)

That MAY sound silly to you... but the truth is, lots of evidence supports it. The idea of spiritual karma, for example... specifically applied to relationships, posits that EVERYONE gets a chance to " do it again" if they don't do it right the first time, and that applies specifically to soul-mates. Kaballah, or mystical judaism, also teaches that each of us, BEFORE birth, has a spiritual soulmate, and that our unique destiny in life is to find them, and help repair the world, and each other together. (this is called "Tikun Olam" in Hebrew)

While all of this SOUNDS good... the simple (and sad) truth is that MOST people will never find their soulmate

Why? Because we are distracted, in general... and find ourselves settling for relationships that are beneath our needs, our wants and ultimately what we truly deserve. Women, unfortunately... in my experience are FAR too passive when it comes to passion, and waiting for their one true love to appear. (rather than setting for someone that just sounds good for a frozen moment in time... and that ends up robbing you of the BEST and most important years of your life)

Finding your soulmate requires ACTION, and intention and passionate purpose... and again, unfortunately... so many of us sit back and watch our lives wistfully whip by instead of actively engage with shaping our destiny instead.

So YES, I believe that everyone has a soulmate, and that if you TRULY want to live the life you were created for, you CAN (and should) play an active and aggressive role in helping to make sure you choose well when it comes to love, and your relationships. Never settle. Trust your heart, your "gut" and your intuition... they KNOW who you are, where you are supposed to be, and the other half that's waiting out there in the world for you, when you're ready to find them!

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