The 5 Most Unlikely Spots For Romance

We all probably find ourselves, at one point or another, day dreaming of the most romantic spots for first encounters with a significant other. Places like Central Park while walking on a sunny fall afternoon, a Grecian escarpment overlooking the vast Aegean Sea, or an enchanted evening in Italy at a waterside restaurant off the Amalfi coast might come to mind. As much as we'd all love to have a fairy tale ending, sometimes finding your soul mate can happen where you'd least expect it. Here are a few unexpected destinations that you might be telling your kids about one day.


The Courtroom
Now here is a place that might normally spark feelings of dread and skepticism. Whether it be jury duty or an appearance for a speeding ticket, no one would think that love could lurk where judges pound a wooden hammer for order... But it could happen. Just make sure he is not on trial...or that you don't talk to him during a trial...or anything illegal. Lawyers, maybe?

A place for penance and pray may be the perfect place to meet a nice guy who will respect and love you. Plus it's possible he comes with his family, which shows that he has a belief system as well as a love for the institution of family. Just play it cool with this one, strike up a conversation about how cute his little sister is, or ask if he used to teach Sunday school.

A Family Function
An activity that most of us rather not partake in, but sometimes those friends of your parents have cute sons who you may not know about. Or maybe, there's a childhood friend attending that you remember as the "ugly duckling" that recently hit swan status and is destined to be your lover? Weddings fall under this category, too. You know you'll look hot, everyone is relaxed, and romance is just in the air anyway. Definitely don't miss these gatherings; you never know.

At Work/School
Affairs that take up most if not all of our lives. You're probably reading this while ignoring a boring lecture or on your lunch break at work. Biz and pleasure can and should be mixed; look around make it happen you might be missing out on something special. Just be one wants a Bridget Jones situation.

The Post Office
Standing in a long line waiting to get stamps or ship a package is just annoying, but open up those eyes of yours. Mingle with the cute guy/gal in front of you while making fun of the employees who secretly hate their jobs (kidding)... but seriously this could definitely be the new grocery store when it comes to shopping for a relationship.


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