Feng Shui your bedroom

The Chinese believe that using Feng Shui can improve one's life by balancing the energy in a physical space. So a good Feng Shui bedroom is one that invites a harmonious stream of sensual energy and will make you wake up feeling good!

Feng Shui BedroomBelow are ten tips to create a sexy bedroom, Feng-Shui style.

Feng-Shui Tip #1

The bedroom is a place for relaxation and love, so be sure to choose warm, feminine colors in the decorating scheme for your bedroom, such as burgundy, red, purple and pink. As a plus, warm colors are thought to have a soothing effect.

Feng-Shui Tip #2

Keep the air fresh in the room by opening the windows often or utilizing an air-purifier. You can't have good Feng Shui if your air is stale!

Feng-Shui Tip #3

When it comes to positioning your bed, make sure that it is in full view of the door to your bedroom, but not directly in line with it. Sleeping with your feet facing towards a door is known as the 'coffin position' and invites bad energy (Chi.)

Feng-Shui Tip #4

Remove any photos of your family and friends from your bedroom or at least keep them out of view from your bed. You don't want to find yourself looking at a picture of your grandmother when you're in the throws of passion! Photos or mementos from past relationships are also a big no-no!

Feng-Shui Tip #5

Invest in a set of high thread count sheets or splurge on silk or satin ones for an extra luxurious feel.

Feng-Shui Tip #6

Compose a lighting scheme for your bedroom and keep a few scented or massage candles handy to tantalize your other senses. Mood music can help create a relaxing environment as well.

Feng-Shui Tip #7

Get rid of anything in the bedroom that reminds you of work. Move your desk, books, laptop, TV and any exercise equipment to another room or store them out of sight. From a Feng Shui perspective, those items bring a masculine energy into the room, when you want to maximize your feminine energy as much as possible.

Feng-Shui Tip #8

You might think having mirrors in the bedroom is sexy, but they are actually a sign of vanity (bad for your Chi.) However, if you live in a small apartment or can't move them, you can still achieve good Chi by covering them at night.

Feng-Shui Tip #9

Carefully choose the image that hangs above your bed; the Chinese believe that whatever hangs above you will influence your dreams at night.

Feng-Shui Tip #10

Lastly, the easiest thing you can do to create good Feng Shui in your bedroom is to make sure that the room is clean and free of clutter. A tidy room will help keep a positive force flowing through your room and give your love life a little energy boost.


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