Top Secret Beauty Weapon of French Women

How many wonderful things that charming French women hold in their hands, or they have passed on to me through secret so called Oenobiol?

Thirty women aware of themselves in a serious way, that to assert their values ​​and also knows how to make her more beautiful in the eyes of the people. Women at the age of thirty knows of them, a slender body with three measurements within the model as a model is far from frivolous desires. For them, true beauty is beauty shines from within, as both owner and people faced with beauty, they feel confident and warm, as long as distilled wine tasting brought more concentration becomes bittersweet.

The question is, is there any solution to help the simple dream to become a reality?

french beauty woman

After years of graduation, with many companies rolling, I earned a scholarship to high school when eyeing up Cambodian turned 30, with a professional administrator is flashy high-end (luxury brand management) at the Paris city. Showing the same room with me was a woman from Lyon - who quickly stepped up to stardom, is the center of the class after a few lessons. Not just by the beauty exuding from the face of her charming, which is almost perfect shape, elegant and balanced as if she was a model came out from the competition.

Cold nights in July as cut, until 11 pm that night the sky was still liable, she flung open the window, sitting crooked on the corridor squeezed, hand waving glasses of wine and told me about how people dress and the French concept of beauty. Although very funny first look stubborn, I still can not ignore looked lively appearance, her elegance. Thirty years old, she owns a slender physique, balance, extraordinarily beautiful. The very body that has become our desire, and motivation of so many girls, at least to me at that time. It's funny but also full of admiration when a spokesman out the truth of beauty is never out of bed before 9am! The crib biting back when I saw that wearing shoes to step out in the cold numbness jogging every morning just to re-shape not speak up every time I dress up in bundles, her face just emerge out of the animal and sometimes, not be fast, she laughed!

So, at the threshold of nearly hit thirty, I was confronted with a new challenge, a barrier in the beginning I asked myself not able to overcome? Step on the threshold of 30, sometimes I wonder; perhaps any effort to get a good shape, could so odd? Conquering her beauty to be beautiful and the difficulty to that? That means that there are a few who may be born with beautiful, no need to undergo a fitness training exercises that have become a model of the block who admired, and many of the rest, then please, please stand on the road and a dream for yourself change from year to year?

Women which was strange. Beauty likes to compare them together but extremely generous to share beauty secrets ... And on a clear day, as a parting gift, and to prove what he said, told her evasive I know what his ultimate. The secret to your perfect body, I lay in the principles of simple, traditional French ear is different. The secret that's just waiting for me to discover, in the little pill OENOBIOL, has caused me more or less doubt during the first contact. And indeed, she has lost a lot of time to dispel my doubts about the beauty products by means of drinking. She was convinced I believe, to get a slim physique, beautiful nature, they must care little long itself from the effects of nutrients deep within, to then gradually reveal radiant look a day over each line itself. She was cleared for me, take me to the concept of beauty cosmetics nutrition physique that day which was very strange to most women in Vietnam.

After the storm's effects information on the knife to the face, the physique of women, intelligent women who has eased back to find a new solution for keeping beauty. Now, to reach OENOBIOL is not a difficult and arduous as before, no longer join the scene we sat waiting for colleagues to work to get a happy OENOBIOL bottle in hand. For me, every soi in the mirror in the evening gown hugging people, or look at his picture of the young age of twenty years, but the raw wood, I remembered friends in Lyon that. How many secrets yet to be truly shared? How many wonderful things that charming French woman, the other charming longer hold in their hands, or have passed on to my favor that day through secret OENOBIOL called?


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