Marriage - Signs of a Cheating Husband - How to Recognize Them

There are obvious signs of a cheating husband. You may never often see it, but your womanly intuition tells you he's doing it.

Basically, you can never say that the signs of a cheating husband are all the same with every man. Although somehow, they closely resembled each other. Whether he becomes excessively charming and sweet, irritable and rude, or strange and sneaky-as long as you possess that gut feeling that your relationship is definitely under some cloud of mischief (and you know you're not the one causing it), your mental accusations may be justified.

If your husband is cheating, I can guarantee that he will show (or do something a tad bit related to) at least 2-if not most-of the signs of a cheating husband listed below:

Your husband may dress up a bit too good for someone who has to "go grab something from the nearby shop" or "drive little Nikki (your son) to his basketball practice". Sure, he may drop Nikki to his basketball practice or buy something at a shop, but why is he wearing his expensive sneakers and his favorite shirt? Where is he going afterwards? And did he just dab a whole bottle of cologne?

Your husband may come home smelling something of unfamiliar scent. You ask him where he came from and he said he has been sweating out at the gym, yet he smells like lavender and chamomile.

Your husband may instantly go take a shower as soon as he arrives home. No usual welcome home kiss? No greeting? Was he so busy at work that he has to shower just to get rid of the sweaty feeling and smell? Or is he trying to get rid of a peculiar stench-perhaps that of a woman?

Your husband may tell you he lost his wedding ring for some bizarre reasons. If he's pretty smart, he may say it becomes too tight and that it no longer fits.

Your husband may often tell you reasons not to make love to you. Or if he does, you'll see him making some new experiments or showing you things he never did before.

Your husband may glue himself on the phone longer than usual, but when you come close, he unceremoniously hangs up and sometimes irritably mutters "companies trying to sell something again" or "prank callers" or the most common, "wrong numbers". Also, you'll get frequent ghost calls or calls that tell you they called the wrong number.

Your husband may go out more often and hang out with his "buddies and friends" then comes home late at night or early in the morning. Sometimes, he'll have more overtime works than usual and is often asked to "go on a business trip" that lasts a couple of days. But really, think about it. Do you think they can practice cheating if they're locked up at home?

Your husband may create a new email address, buy another personal phone and have his own PO Box.

Your husband may provoke you into a fight, often is irritable around you, or doesn't engage much on things that you both used to enjoy.

Finally, a cheating husband may tell you a lot of things that doesn't really match up.

The signs of a cheating husband may sometimes not get easily detected. But there are still ways to pawn him and catch him off guard. What I recommend is that you visit and know more about the things you can do to expose the truth about your husband's secret affair. You've been a good wife, and you deserve nothing less than the best!

Source: Ezine


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