Marriage - How Can I Save My Marriage - The Art of Accountability

Some of the most recurring problems with men and their marriages is that they get too laid back as the year's progress. Here is a classic example: Richard starts out well when he is about to marry Julie. He is a man of vision and does so remarkably well at work. He works out, never drinks, and is a very thoughtful soul. For the first few years, he surprises his wife with roses and a candlelight dinner every time that they have their wedding anniversary and they always go to their favorite restaurant during Valentine's Day. But after 3 years, things take a downhill direction. Richard starts drinking. He neglects Julie and comes home drunk most of the time. All that he talks about are problems and problems and more problems. Julie is supportive on the first 6 months and finally has had enough it when Richard fails to help himself consistently. She then files for divorce.

This is a very common ground for divorce and it seems so easy to avoid it but why is it that many marriages still crumble? If you ask yourself, "How can I save my marriage?" The answer would be to start with what was just mentioned.

As much as a person loves you and will do anything in their capacity to help you, there too are limits. When you become over dependent on the love and care of one person and you neglect to help yourself that is a sign of weakness. Nonetheless, it all depends on the parties that are involved. If you truly love your partner, you will be with them through the harshest and most destructive of all storms. But if the other party intentionally neglects to help his or herself, you need to make a stand. So one of the answers to the question, "How can I save my marriage?" is you need to be emotionally and mentally strong to deal with your problems in life. One of the best ways to cope up with problems and stress is to talk it out with your partner. Do not take it all in and pretend that nothing is wrong. One of the biggest yardsticks in life that can help measure whether or not you are a strong person is your ability to admit your vulnerabilities. Never be ashamed to do this. In addition, never forget to seek divine guidance from above.

These are just of the things that you can turn to, every time you detect an anomaly in your marriage and you start asking yourself, "How can I save my marriage?"

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