AVS - 10 Man mysteries decoded

Guys can do the a lot of abstruse things. Those things that accomplish you go "WTF?!", lose beddy-bye over, and ultimately alarm in your troop of girls to amount out. From buzz phobias to in-your-face flirting and column sex snoozing, we baldheaded ten of the a lot of accepted man mysteries to accord you the bowl on why guys do the asinine things they do.

Couple absent in car

He texts ALL the time, but never calls.

MYSTERY SOLVED: Sure, his texts brighten your day and you'd absence them if they disappeared, but it would be nice to get a alarm every already in a while, too. Doesn't assume like abundant to ask for, does it? Well, there are two affidavit your man is a phone-a-phobe. A lot of acceptable – he just hates the phone. Unlike women, men about animosity communication, which stems from concrete differences in the architecture of the blowing and changeable brain (and there's science to prove it!). You'd be hard-pressed to acquisition a guy who wants to babble about your day's ball – your abominable co-workers, your BFF's sad breakdown and so on. He'd rather absorb his time working, sleeping, bubbler or playing Mario Kart with his friends. The added account for his text-obsessive behavior is that there is anyone in his activity that he doesn't wish alert in on your convo. Could be a boss, a roomie, a eavesdropping mom or worse, a accepted girlfriend. In either circumstance, texting gets the job done (engages you abundant and allows for logistical planning), and if you aren't putting your bottom down about it, he has no allurement to change his behavior.

He acts abroad with you about his friends

MYSTERY SOLVED: When it is the two of you, your man is a living, breath Valentine agenda – authentic mush. But as anon as you two airing into guys' turf, he almost acts like he knows you – at best you get a top five. Guys innately wish to be one of the pack, and oftentimes girlfriends ruin that. Sure, in approach the guy with the adherent is the luckiest because he's the one who isn't algid and abandoned at night, but accepting a smoochy adherent blind on him at the sports bar decidedly decreases his blowing cred. It artlessly is not air-conditioned for his accompany to see him achievement your hair, buzz candied nothings and Eskimo kiss you – blow assured, if he does, he is traveling to get razzed appealing badly.

he never stays through the night.

MYSTERY SOLVED: Not abundant beats alive up to a warm, caressible guy, but castigation keeps bolting like a bandit in the night. Unless your bed is chiefly uncomfortable, you snore like a bales alternation or he has some added reasonable alibi for vanishing (and no, "I like to accessory in my own bathroom" doesn't cut it), affairs are he ability accept acquaintance and/or charge issues. Either that or you accept been relegated to anatomy alarm status. This is a guy who doesn't wish to accord with tomorrow. He wants to be in his own bed. He wants freedom. He doesn't wish to spoon, go out to brunch in the morning or potentially be pressured into spending the accomplished next day with you. Those are all things women crave, but men, not so much. Unless, of course, he absolutely brand you.

He said, "I adulation you, but I'm not IN love with you."

MYSTERY SOLVED: Hearing these words stings and confuses the affection like no added sentiment. Sugarcoating aside, any way you cut it, this account translates to "You are absolutely amazing, but you are not the babe for me." It could be advancing from a guy who acclimated to be in adulation with you but isn't any longer, or it could be from a guy who has put you assuredly in the acquaintance zone.

The beneath absorption you appearance in him, the added he wants to be with you.

MYSTERY SOLVED: It feels like you are reliving third brand all over again. You pay absorption to him – he ignores you. You don't, and he can't get enough! This is a archetypal case of adolescent bold arena advancing from a guy who enjoys the hunt of dating added than the abstraction of an absolute relationship, which offers little befalling to win or to lose. Baked into this blazon of guy's accepting is the adventure of the pursuit. It gives him a high, and if you play into it, you are arena his game. Appearance him aught interest, though, and eventually he will acquisition addition opponent. A little hard-to-get is a acceptable thing. Just don't go overboard!

He flirts with added women… IN FRONT OF YOU!

MYSTERY SOLVED: His ace flirting abilities may be just the affair that denticulate your absorption but seeing him accomplish in foreground of you on added women has you bleared mad… and appropriately so! This man abstruseness can action for a few reasons, depending on the guy and his intent. First, he could be a aweless pig who's just not that into you and aloof alternatives. If that's not the case, he may possibly be aggravating to accomplish you jealous. He wants you to apperceive that you aren't his alone advantage – that you charge to break on your toes. Further, this could be his destructive way of assuming you that you aren't paying him abundant attention. Finally, he ability not be flirting at all and maybe you are just accepting paranoid. He could just be a affable guy, and just because you are dating him, doesn't beggarly he has to stop accepting friendly.

He won't stop for directions.

MYSTERY SOLVED: You've been absent for an hour but your man swears he knows area he is going. Despite your bubbles aggravation, he refuses to stop for directions. This one universally applies to men, because universally, men don't like to be one-upped by added men, abnormally about their lady. If he pulls over to ask anyone abroad for directions, you ability see the added guy as smarter. Caveman-like indeed, but you can't absolutely accusation him for absent to affect you – his affection is in the appropriate place, even if his ego isn't.

He doesn't apperceive what to do/say if you are upset.

MYSTERY SOLVED: There they are – your audacity all over the floor. As you ability for a tissue to clean abroad your aqueous mascara and accumulate some words of abundance or admonition from your man, you accept a bare beam in return. Did he apprehend a chat of what you just said? It isn't that he wasn't listening, doesn't accept annihilation to say or doesn't care. He is acceptable abashed of adage the amiss affair and you, as a result, accepting you added upset. A lot of guys aren't as assured in cogent animosity or alms admonition as women are but rather break problems logically. The endure affair he wants to do if you are accessible is abort you by alms the amiss words.

he suppsoedly brand you but never asks you out.

MYSTERY SOLVED: All signals point to him affection you – he pays you compliments, makes an accomplishment to be area you are, all your accompany affirm he is into you, but he seems to be ashore at a chicken ablaze if it comes to authoritative his move. If you've disqualified out him accepting affiliated or contrarily committed to anyone else, affairs are this guy is just a wuss. He artlessly can't get up the assumption to ask you out. He ability be amateur with women, shy, abashed by you, or apprenticed as to your individual status.

He avalanche comatose afterwards sex.

MYSTERY SOLVED: So you wish to snuggle, talk, go for annular two – do annihilation but canyon out, but your guy consistently avalanche asleep! Well simply, if man was made, he was fabricated awry in this respect. Due to a array of biochemical and evolutionary affidavit – both absolute and aberrant – a guy in fact can't ascendancy his akin of apathy post-sex, so it's annihilation to yield personally. Just be blessed he doesn't abatement comatose during sex. In a contempo abstraction 48 percent of men accepted accomplishing so at atomic already before!

Source: Sheknows


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