Marriage And Relationship

Relationship - How To Deal With A Difficult In-Law

Getting married to the one you love does not necessarily mean you'll be dealing with him or her solely. Remember the saying "marry me, marry my family?" In some cases when you're marrying a person who's very close to his or her family, you will [ … ]

Relationship - The Do's And Don'ts For Saving A Marriage

Despite the fact that looking after a marriage is something which every couple has to do, there are still a fair amount of these relationships which are in a bad place.

Those of us who do want to have a go at making the marriage work are at jeopardy [ … ]

Relationship - Marriage - Take Back Intimacy

The marriage bed was designed to provide fulfillment that enhances and edifies the marital relationship. Many social ills have created barriers that seriously impede the progress and the joy that can be experienced in conjugal love. Though the media [ … ]

Relationship - How To Keep Your Man Happy

Sounds like a 1950's how to booklet on relationships, right? Well it's not, but back then they had things right. Our grandparents learned long ago how to keep a marriage long and happy. They had the right priorities; families come first.

In today's [ … ]

Relationship - Calling It Quits: When to Face Up to the Fact That It's Over

Has your marriage been having trouble for quite some time now? Do the little disagreements keep escalating as the weeks go by? Do you believe that calling it quits would be better than persisting with a dead marriage? Here's how to know whether [ … ]

Relationship - My Wife Stopped Wearing Her Wedding Ring! Understanding the Significance of This

Your wife stopped wearing her wedding ring. You're not sure how long ago it happened but one day you looked at her hand and noticed something was missing. If she always wore the ring and suddenly her finger is bare, that's got to be a shock. Obviously, [ … ]

Relationship - When Is a Marriage Over? Time To Ask Yourself Some Questions and Face The Truth

Some questions that come up frequently amongst those experiencing difficulties in their marriage are 'When is a marriage over?' and 'when it is time to call it a day?' and 'when is it time to admit that enough is enough?' This is basically the same [ … ]

Relationship - Chinese Wedding Customs 101!

No matter you are planning to marry a Chinese woman for the first time or you are remarrying after a divorce, to a Chinese woman, there are some things that will help you throughout the actual wedding ceremony that you should know in order for things [ … ]

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