Love - Tips for Making a Stubborn Man Fall in Love

A stubborn man is a man who is inflexible or willful or one who is just not inclined to being controlled by anyone. This is a man who once he determines the path that he wants to take is difficult or impossible to dissuade from that path. The saying 'as stubborn as a mule' comes to mind; a mule once it sets of on a path keeps to that path with dogged determination. So a stubborn man is not necessarily a bad love interest unless of course he has determined that he has no romantic interest in you at which point it will be a test of your wills to change his mind. But regardless of how stubborn a man is there must be a way to make him fall in love with you. What can you do or say to make a stubborn man fall in love with you?

1. Don't push him! A stubborn man is an expert at resisting direct push so avoid any in-his-face direct confrontation as it will not work. Nagging or talking him into loving you will not work and the more you do it the more he will resist you.

2. Work your charm on him. You want to get through the chink in his stubbornness by approaching him indirectly. Use your looks and personality to get through to him. Be nice to him but not too nice as stubborn men tend to be suspicious also. Show off your feminine self, treat him well, listen attentively to him and be sensitive to what he needs and do it. Your goal is to make him 'see you' as you really are and to fall in love with you because of what you bring to his life.

3. Share his other interests. Find out what he enjoys doing and become part of that without following him around or asking him for anything besides a shared joy in what he enjoys. You must do this naturally so that he doesn't think you are doing it just to trap him otherwise his defenses might deflect your efforts.

4. Ration yourself. Making a stubborn man to fall in love with you will require that you give him room and time to process your presence in his life so you need to balance being available vs. not being available. When you are available you need to bring all your positivity and your great attributes with you so that his perspective of you is really great. And when you are not available you need to be really unavailable so that he begins to miss you and what he experienced and felt with you.

5. Tell him you like him. This may seem counter intuitive but it works since you let him know clearly what it is that you want and so he can make a decision on what to do. Once you have told him you need to now show him your continued interest in him using the first 4 ways given. You must be persistent in loving him but this does not mean forcing yourself on him but that you stay true to your love for him. Keep showing him that you love him and be sensitive to what he says or does so you can know what's happening with him.

You can only show him and tell him that you love him as he still has to start loving you back at some point. And you cannot force him to love you if he has zero interest in you even after you have done all the 5 things listed. Be real therefore as you do the 5 things so that you don't waste your time on a stubborn man who will never love you back.

Are you making any progress in making him fall in love with you? Use these signs of attraction to help you decide but if you have gotten him to fall in love with you but now need relationship help to ensure you have happily-ever-after then use these relationship insights.

Rosy Anderson is a researcher in social economic issues and the way they affect decision making; and she enjoys writing and being in healthy, happy relationships.

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