Love - Sagittarius, The Archer, As A Lover

Sagittarius men are passionate and intense lovers, but he has a tendency to burn-out early on in the relationship leaving you broken-hearted as he dashes off looking for a new interest to fan his passion. Sag faces the truth straight-on, he doesn't dilly-dally around; he adores women and with his boyish grin, you will be smitten.

The duality of Sag compels him to explore his own mind - he sometimes comes off as loud and active aiming his arrows at anything false and pretentious, he will ask many questions to see if you are genuine. Shy or pushy, he will gaze out at the world with a measuring eye for truth.

When in love, the Archer, wants to tell you everything and show you everything - all at one time until you're begging for a 'little time out.' He will shower you gifts, he will want to take you to the best places, and he will entertain you for hours. His ravenous drive and desire to keep you entertained will keep you looking forward to a good nights rest so you can be ready for tomorrow.

His energy and sense of adventure - along with his good nature, makes him so much fun to be around. You will never have to worry about jealousy from the Sag Man, he doesn't know what it is - however, he does have a tendency to think that you are as taken with him as he is with you - it's his nature; when ignored or put off he plays that game better than any woman alive.

Sagittarius men are often seen as every man's 'best friend' because he's never met a stranger - he will talk to the first person he sees in the morning or the last one he sees at night and you will just have to stay near at hand or he just might forget that you came with him.

As his partner, you will be free to live your life as you see fit - as long as his needs and desires are met along the way, once they are, you can move about at will. You can even go on extended vacations, he is very generous with his time and usually his money, however, he'll demand the same from you. If you aren't able to deal with that type of open and free partnership with Sag at the helm, Sag is probably not for you.

Overall, you will have a happy relationship with Sag Man if you can keep up with him, allow him room to roam, and time with his friends (many of whom won't be yours). Life will never be boring, change will be a constant in your life, sometimes hard on kids - but never the same two days in a row.

Keep your sense of humor, and your walking shoes handy, and hang-on, the Archer can give you the time of your life - a lot of fun, excitement, and adventure - if you want a friend and a lover, he very well could be the one.

Charming people live up to the very edge of their charm, and behave as outrageously as the world lets them. ~ Logan Pearsall Smith. There is no sign as charming or as outrageous as Sagittarius.

Darlene Peltz a relationship coach and advise, in training. She knows that healthy relationship skills can be learned, and unhealthy relationship patterns can be changed. She focuses on finding balance and fulfillment in relationships. Enjoy her blog about love, marriage, and life in general at

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