Love - How to Keep Yourself From Falling in Love Too Fast

Falling in love happens to all of us at some point in our lives and for some of us it's a regular occurrence throughout life. The problem of falling in love is that it is often beyond your control. You can fall in love slowly and at a gradual pace or at a very fast pace; depending on how the chemistry between the two of you ignites and flames. So what happens if you are falling in love at an alarmingly fast pace? What can you do to keep yourself from falling in love too fast?

I. Be actively involved in your daily routine.Your daily routine needs to have a firm hold on your interest and attention. To keep yourself from falling in love too fast you need to ensure that what you do on a day-to-day basis captivates your mind, emotions and attention so that they are not given over to focusing only on him all the time. If what you do on a daily basis does not hold your interest then guess what happens? You focus all that you are on him and you fall in love too fast. If your job or coursework is dull and repetitive then seek out ways to make it more exciting and involving for you. You know yourself and your reality best and only you know what is available at work or school that you can do to focus your interest in some additional thing or task.

II. Have other adrenaline-filled interests and hobbies.You need to have other emotion laden interests in life otherwise your only focus will be how you feel about him. What challenges you and gets your excitement or fears going? Make a list and see what you can get involved in that is within your budget and which will captivate you and DO it. You want to have activities that will give you an emotional high so that you stop putting all your emotional energy into him. This will help your heart pace itself so that you keep yourself from falling in love too fast.

III. Keep busy! This means that you ensure that your life is full of activity with other people that you enjoy or that will occupy you totally. This will help you keep yourself from falling in love too fast as you will have little time and energy to focus on how you feel about him as you will spend a large chunk of your time fully engaged. Busyness will also tire you and you will sleep easier with little time left for daydreaming and fantasizing about him and how you feel about him.

Falling in love too fast happens usually when your life is dull, uninteresting and has little activity in it as your emotions, energy and mind are idle. And when they are idle your only activity of interest will be him and how he makes you feel and so you just fall in love too fast in response to the vacuum of activity in your life. The true saying that 'nature hates a vacuum' is what is at play here and you need to fill the vacuum in your life in the 3 ways given and then you will be able to fall in love at a good pace. Falling in love too fast means that you fantasize yourself into a relationship with someone you barely know and they can be Mr. Nastiness since you didn't give yourself time to really 'see' them.

However if you are already in love and want to know how to keep him interested in you then use these 6 interest holding actions but if you want to know if you are compatible for the long haul then I recommend these simple compatibility tests.
Rosy Anderson is a researcher in social economic issues and the way they affect decision making; and she enjoys writing and being in healthy, happy relationships.

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