Love - Designer Relationships

The Elements and Principles of Designer Relationships (Part 1)

The concept of a Designer Relationships may sound frivolous on the surface but in this article you see a demonstration of the parallels between relationships and the Elements and Principles of Design.

Art and Life reflect each other with such precision that it really is difficult to say whether they truly are separate things. For the sake of argument, we will treat them as though they are. In general the goal of both Design and Relationships are the same, harmony. This is what ultimately attracts or repels us from people, places and things.The tricky part is how social/cultural ideals move and shift our perspective on what is identified as harmonious.

In American society, where free thought is popular (if not encouraged), the diversity of perspectives is even more pronounced than usual. With this in mind it is easy to see why we have challenges finding friends or lovers that share are values in relationships or what art may constitute a thing of beauty. The nuances of artistic perception play directly into attitudes toward romance, communication, insight and, at times, compassion.

The elements discussed here are components of universal law. They represent the base material we all work with to create our collective reality. What we are actually seeing is that the same tools we use to create/invent things of beauty and advance function in the world around us are the same tools the "Intelligent Designer"used to create us.

As we emerge from the adolescence of our species, it is fast becoming a time where we are consciously making our own decisions about what and who we are. We are becoming self-aware creators in our own right. This article dares to lift the veil and shed light on the subject of our awakening.

Line:The first installment of universal source code.

In design as well as relationship line is the component of law with the greatest influence on final structure. Line gives us direction, allows us to make connections between points, people, ideas and so on. It divides space, establishes boundaries, thought processes, creates patterns and adds flare. Line defines the expression. It is the bones.

The behavior of the line tells us whether or not something is balanced. Careful observation of the line is primary to good relationships and beautiful designs. Look at the line. Is it long? Is it flexible? Is it thick or thin?The answers to these questions reveal your directions, follow them.

The misapplication of the laws of line result in what we have come to be very familiar with and that is problems. In quantum spiritual language it would go something like this; the misapplication of line creates a distortion, imbalance or dissonance in the energy field (fabric) of your relationship/design. If you recognize these events in any aspect of your life, younow know what is happening. Understanding is another matter entirely.

As we follow the line's transition from point to point, around bends and back again, the first dimension of our journey comes to a close and gives rise to the phenomenon of shape.

Shape: 2nd Dimension

When we first meet a person we establish a line of communication. A continuum of exchange begins between the two. In this moment we are collecting information, gauging the boundaries, discussing the terms. If we find enough aspects to convince us to pursue further, things begin to take shape. We start to decide how we want to relate to this person, who you are as a unit. Shape is the form or format we use to relate, determining the inner space or internal environment of the relationship. It is the mysterious emptiness where things start to grow, setting up perameters that can take the form of a prison or a palace. To keep your relationship in shape, start with lines that are strong and well defined. Respect and awareness are the glue that holds the integrity of the shape you've created.

Certain forms/shapes do not work on certain figures. Square pegs and round holes come to mind. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend. This may be hard to believe but we don't need conflict to add interest to our interactions. Sometimes we do wonder if we should force it, we settle, we allow opportunity to be swallowed by doubt. Do not doubt that we can find the people, places and things with the right angles and curves for a comfortable fit. When they make the round hole there is usually a complimentary peg that goes with it.

Color: Dimension 3

Stimulating complexities come alive as we enter the third dimension of relationship building. The full spectrum of our relationships can be seen from this perch. The true flavor of the interaction comes to light, nothing is just black or white here. Culture, political views, gender roles and personal history plays into the the color that your relationship takes on. With this element we see why we are together, it expresses the personality of the relationship. The temperature, value and intensity of hue can be seen. Sense of humor, levels of intelligence, eloquence, etiquette, sex appeal are only some of the things that add color and fun to the relationship.

In this realm it is easy to become dazzled and distracted by the illusions that color can create. Through observation of the aspects of color we gain understanding of the reasons that brought us this far. It takes all angles of the prism to create a full spectrum revelation and allow the true colors to shine through.

Texture: 4th Dimension

This is the outcome. How do we feel in this relationship? What effect is it having on us? Is it rough, hard, stiff or luxurious, romantic, healthy? The most sensual qualities of the union are revealed in texture. In the fourth dimension of creation it is crucial to know, with clarity, what each sense is telling you. You must know your heart from your head, your spirit from your subconscious, your ego from your true self. When a person is a sophisticated observer of texture, a liar will only be fooling themselves. The person who recognizes texture will know just what you're made of. They'll know whether you are natural or synthetic and whether or not they hold in their hands a thing of quality.

Textures are created in certain ways, made of particular fibers. Processes can be applied to soften a fabric or exchange between people but no matter what you do you will not make satin out of wool. Texture will show us exactly where we stand at the end of the proverbial day.

The Elements of Design or Designer Relationship can be used to conceal the truth or reveal it. The seasoned observer can extract the truth of the matter however, your response to the realities of your relationships also have laws found in the follow up article Principles of Design (Part 2 of Elements and Principles of Designer Relationships ).

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