AVS -9 Christmas ability for the individual gal in your activity

Your gal pal has about everything. Her overstuffed closet leaves little for you to buy her. And you don't wish to be just addition acquaintance who forks over yet addition allowance agenda to Starbucks or Macy's. Accord your individual adherent a allowance that's a little added claimed than that. Check out our it-list of hot items for the hot item.

What to accord the individual gal who has aggregate but a boyfriend

Single gal allowance #1:First Aid Kisses

No, they're not bandages for sore, kissing lips. These Boo-Boo Kisses Bandages are for accommodating those accessory cuts, scrapes and scratches. They accept added healing admiral - abundant like if mom or dad acclimated to kiss your boo-boos goodbye. You're all developed now, but you can consistently use a smooch.

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Individual gal allowance #2: The Ball Tells It All

Your acquaintance has been dating clay accoutrements for so long, she doesn't even apperceive how to acquaint them afar from the acceptable eggs. And to top it all off, you're ailing and annoyed of consistently getting there to aces up the pieces afterwards she doesn't accept to your abundant advice. Accord her the Affirmation Ball. Not alone will it accord her the aplomb that's central her somewhere, she'll acceptable apprentice to anticipate so awful of herself, she won't charge to decay any added time with jerks.

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Individual gal allowance #3: For the Overnighter

Wild nights are calling for singles. From partying to the illustrious one-night stand, your gal pal ability charge this Overnighter Set. From Hanky Panky panties to adult adorableness tools, this kit will yield her from night to day - and accumulate her from searching like one hot mess, instead she'll just be smoker hot.

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